twenty-fifth: numbers

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He caressed my body tenderly, planting soft kisses on my back. My shoulder. My neck. Like he couldn't get enough. His phone rang again. He sighed deeply, not moving. Snuggling closer to me. My heart burst at his tiny actions as his fingers entwined with mine.

"It might be Harold," I said in a low voice. He didn't respond, moaning softly instead. I tried again. "Gray..."

"I love you."

I was quiet, my heart fluttering at his words. "Say it again."

He held me closer as I melted into his embrace. "I love you."

My chest seemed to spasm in beautiful anguish as I responded, "I love you too."

I held his hand near my mouth, brushing my lips on his fingertips. He nuzzled my neck as I closed my eyes, losing myself in the unreal bliss. I wasn't used to the warmth and comfort of him.  

"Maybe you should ask Harold for new transcripts," I spoke in a voice barely above a whisper. My brain still hazy from the explosive passion.

"No need. I have it on a pen drive."

I stilled, turning around to look at him as he chuckled, his eyes twinkling mischievously. "Then why the fuck were we going through the damn stacks of paper?"

He smiled softly, stroking my bottom lip. "Because it was more time-consuming. And I wanted to be with you."

It was hard to get mad at him. He chuckled again. His alluring eyes twinkling. His hair was dishevelled, a soft, sexy smile on his lips. I could see the dark marks my nails had made on his chest, marking him. It sent a tingle of pleasure up my spine.

I leaned over him and kissed him softly. "That's kind of sweet."

"I know. I'm adorable."

I chuckled. "You are."

He kissed me passionately. Leisurely. Like we had all the time in the world. And in that moment, it seemed like we did.

"Did you really think...I didn't want you?" he asked, his unwavering gaze on me turning my stomach to mulch.

I sighed softly. "You heard me with Scarlett."

He nodded. "It was killing me, Xavier."

"I'm sorry." I stroked his cheek, unable to believe I had almost lost this perfect moment.

"I'm not," he whispered, leaning forward and touching his forehead to me. "Made me realize how fucking desperately I love you." He nuzzled my nose with his, smiling softly. "I was just scared of what you'd think."

"There isn't anything that can make me not love you, Gray."

"I don't think I could live in a world where you don't love me, Xavier."

I smiled. I could feel the strange, warm and fuzzy feeling in my chest that I had only ever read about. "Good thing you don't have to."

He bit my lip, pulling it gently and hugging me close. I leaned back reluctantly, gazing at the wall clock. It was three. "We have a billionaire to bust."

He smiled softly. "I really admire that about you." He kissed the tip of my nose. "You're always on the job."

I shrugged. "Well not always. But I'd really like this out of the way."

He nodded. "Alright."

I went over to his discarded clothes, fishing the pen drive out of his pocket and carrying my laptop before settling on the bed again. He lay down flat on his back and shut his eyes. I gazed at him, studying his weary eyes, his pale skin. 

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