fifth: rosalie*

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dedicated to littlegardens for the amazing graphic <3

As soon as we got into her car, her mouth ravaged mine.

I kissed her back fervently. Her mouth tasted of the red wine I had presented to her earlier. Our tongues entangled in fiery passion. I knotted my fingers in her hair, pulling her head back and sucking her exposed neck as she gasped loudly. Her fingers digging into my back.

I pulled her into my lap, letting her feel my rock hard arousal as she moved her hips, grinding against me. I nuzzled her neck, breathing in her seductive scent as she spoke, "Five minutes to my place."

I bit her earlobe in response, groaning softly, "That is going to be torture."

She chuckled, biting my lower lip.

We stumbled out of the car when we reached her place, still locked in a passionate embrace. I barely had the time to make out the gardens as she led me into her mansion. She clasped my hand in hers and started pulling me up a staircase as I finally had a chance to observe my surroundings.

The main entrance led into a foyer with an ebony cabinet of drinks on the left. Inside was a grand hall with an exquisite maroon carpet laid on the hardwood floors. Two massive doors stood on either side of the hall with another, bigger door leading to the front. I could see two corridors diverging under both the grand staircases. The blueprint of her house I had seen earlier became stark clear in my head. As of now, I couldn't think of any scenario where it might be useful except when perhaps sleuthing for clues. 

Rosalie led me upstairs as my gaze travelled towards the high ceiling with carved, intricate designs etched on it. Ornate chandeliers hung on the ceiling, casting the room in a delicate golden glow.

She led me along a long hallway plastered with photo frames. Most of them were of a younger Rosalie with a blonde headed child I figured was her daughter, Scarlett.

She pulled me into a room and before I knew it, had me pressed up against the wall, her lips finding mine with renewed fervour.

"How come I've never seen you around here?" she whispered. "You're delicious."

I smirked, placing my hands on her back and finding the zipper on her dress. I pulled it down and stroked her back as she let out a soft moan. "I think the mystery is alluring."

She chuckled at my words, leading me towards the queen-sized bed and lay down on it, pulling me on top of her. "Show me what you've got."

I leaned over and kissed her hungrily, exploring her mouth with my tongue. I trailed my mouth to her jaw, her earlobe, gently nibbling on it. She reached over and unbuttoned my shirt, leaving my chest bare as she roved a hand on my abdomen. Her eyes glinted greedily as she breathed, "Wow."

I smirked. Part of my job was to make sure I remained in the best shape. Offering my targets something that they couldn't refuse. Something that would have them yearning.

My mouth travelled to her neck, sucking, nipping, kissing fervently. Her soft skin and inebriating scent alighting my senses. I let my teeth graze ever so slightly over her cleavage, my tongue teasing her soft skin as she moaned softly. I travelled lower, lifting her dress and trailing my lips ever so slightly from her knee up to the inside of her thighs. The tantalizing action had her squirming for more.

Relishing in her reaction, I tugged her panties off her, burying my face between her legs as she sighed deeply. I teased. Licked. Burying my tongue deep inside her. Tasting her. I trailed open-mouthed kisses along her heat, revelling her flavour. Unravelling her with my tongue. Caressing. Coaxing.

I edged her closer towards her paradise. Reducing and increasing my pace alternatively as she squirmed in desperation. Her fingers knotted in my hair, causing exotic pain as she pulled at it.

She was intoxicating. Her moans. Her taste. Her touch. Everything was driving me crazy.
Raw, animal desire blazed in my chest as I worshipped her body.

I took her over the edge as her entire body quivered with pleasure. Her back arching as her climax ripped through her. I buried my face deeper between her legs when she came, eating her out hungrily. I breathed her in eagerly. My senses ensnared with her taste. The unrestrained, blazing fire of raw desire coursing through my veins.

She panted softly, a secret, alluring smile on her face. " were right. You are good at this."

I smirked, trailing my tongue back and entangling it with hers. Letting my fingers knot into her hair. Pulling her close to me. Her cheeks were flushed in the aftermath of her orgasm. I leaned back, admiring her.

"So, what's next?" she whispered hoarsely.

I grinned at her. I placed my hands firmly on her waist and turned her so she was lying on her stomach. I tugged her dress off her, marvelling at the enticing curves of her body. I wrapped my arms around her as she spread her legs invitingly. I leaned over her, biting her ear as she squirmed.

"Mason," I growled softly.

She sighed, "What?"

"My name. You need to know what you'll be screaming tonight."

I bit into her neck gently as she let out an erotic moan. I moved against her as the night dissolved in a cacophony of intoxicated pleasure.

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