Chapter 64

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Chapter 64


I ran towards him and plunged myself and gave him a rib breaking hug.

"I missed you bad," i uttered.

He hugged me back, "i missed you, too," then he looked at me, "pumayat ka ah. Hindi ka ba kumakain?" he asked me.

I shook my head, "no. You weren't checking up on me. You've been a bad fiance, Cy. You neglected me for two weeks," i said, kidding. But i was partly serious, he didn't call me for the last week. Well, i've understand that. He's busy with whatever he's doing. No harm done. All work.

"About that, sorry. But, can we talk?" he said.

I don't know pero i don't want to hear phrases such as can we talk. Everytime i hear that, something wrong's bound to happen.

"Yeah, sure," i said then we headed to some isolated place in our campus.

We sat under one of the trees. It feels calming.

"How's school?" he asked.

I shrugged, "same old. Ganun pa din though puro internship na lang naman kami this sem. Prerogative na lang kung papasok pa," i said as a matter of fact. Truth be told, hindi ko na nga kailangan pumasok eh. I've earned my units and internship and final portfolio na lang ang kailangan ko para grumaduate. The courses i have now are just extra courses.The things thats been holding me here are my friends.  Hindi ko naman kasabay sila ggraduate eh. Sara's course is obviously five years while Kim and Nof, next, next sem pa sila. I'll graduate alone but whatever.

He nodded, "san ka mag iintern?" he asked.

"I don't know yet. Baka kay mom? I'm still weighing the options," i told him.

There's some offer na internship sa Paris and stuffs since fashion's big there. There's also offer from renowed designers here in the country. Pero ang pinakapinag iisipan ko ay yung kay mom. Sabi niya kasi kung gusto ko daw bang mag personal manage ng bagong bukas niyang branch sa Miami. I don't know yet since malayo siya. Pero baka pumayag din ako since it's a big opportunity, right? Tsaka nasa Cali naman si Andy eh.. I think Miami's far enough para hindi muna kami magkita. I mean, the wound's still fresh. In the right time, magkikita din kami.

"How about you?" i asked him, "what are your plans?"

"Company stuff. The usual," he said.

I feel something's off. Something's wrong with Cyriel.

"Hey," i said then held his face, "what's bothering you?" i asked him.

I'm trying to have an open communication with him. Eto yung paraan para maging okay kami, di ba? Talking about everything. Ayoko na kasi ng secrets. Lies are still lies even though you did them for a greater cause.

He took a deep breath, "it's Ynna."

Just then, my breathing hitched. It's her. Again.

I calmed myself. She's old news. Kahit anong sabihin ni Cyriel, paniniwalaan ko, iintindihin ko. That's what a good girlfriend does, right? I'll keep my mind open for every possibilities. She's just sick and pathetic.

I tried to smile, "what about her, Cy?"

He held my hand, "she's really sick."

I nodded, "alam ko. Ano'ng bago dun?"

"She's worse, Dana."

I nodded, "oo nga. It's given, Cy. Alam ko na yun. Ano ba yung gusto mong sabihin?"

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