ninth: fissure*

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I gazed into her alluring eyes, desire burning in the pit of my stomach.

I grasped her waist firmly as she started grinding against me, her hands reaching for the button of my jeans and opening it. Her mouth trailed along my neck, my chest. Lower and lower till she was kneeling in front of me. "Let me taste you, Waters."

I bit my lip, nodding as she lowered her head, her tongue exploring me.

I let myself be lost in the sensation of her soft, warm lips. Her hot, wet tongue. Her sweltering eyes met with mine, sending my brain into an overdrive. The texture of her mouth send electric sparks through my body, alighting my nerves. I knotted my fingers in her hair, gently pulling at it as soft, erotic moans escaped my mouth.

I pulled her back to me, kissing her mouth as she whispered hoarsely, "Let's move this upstairs, shall we?"

I smirked , nuzzling her nose with mine. "It's so damn far. You're naive to think I'd wait that long."

She gazed at me questioningly, raising one perfect eyebrow. I grabbed her waist and lifted her up. Immediately, her legs entwined around my waist as she let out a gasp. I pulled both of us down on the carpet, hovering on top of her and kissing her hungrily. Her eyes widened as I hooked her legs around my waist, grinding deep as she let out a soft growl, her eyes blazing with lust.

"What do you think?" I asked, taking her hand in mine and sucking the tip of her thumb. Desire burned in her eyes.

She sighed deeply, placing a hand firmly on my chest as she smiled with a devilish sparkle in her eyes, "I'm thinking...this carpet feels pretty good."

I smirked and pulled her closer to me as we dissolved in a battle of fiery passion.


I woke up from an impromptu nap after a few hours, my stomach grumbling with hunger.

I got up slowly and sat on the bed, gazing at the darkness of Rosalie's bedroom. We had returned upstairs later, for consecutive rounds.

I rose to my feet and checked the time. It was four thirty. I would have to wait till Rosalie was awake to leave. Which would be around seven. I was finding it extremely tedious to be around her all the time. She had been nice to me. She was insanely attractive. But apart from an unreal physical compatibility, there was nothing between us.

I got to my feet and pulled on my jeans, tiptoeing out of the dark room and shutting the door gently behind me. I made my way downstairs and was relieved to see that the rest of the mansion still had dim lights. I made my way to the kitchen and instinctively opened up the massive refrigerator. My eyes fell on an array of fruits, custard and a number of cuisines I had no name for. I spotted a box of leftover pizza. I wasn't sure yet if my relationship with her was intimate enough for us to engage in the sacred art of pizza sharing. Plus, I usually stayed away from any junk food.

I stared at it for a while before shrugging and taking it out.

Eat first. Deal with everything else later.

I placed the pizza in the microwave. I was thankful to see that it was a plain cheese one, no toppings. Perfect.

I gazed at the timer which read three minutes. It seemed to me to be quite a long time. I fished out my phone and unlocked it randomly. I opened my contacts and dialled Grayson's number almost subconsciously.

His deep voice, riddled with sleep answered on the fourth ring. "Xavier?"

I sighed softly at the tantalizing sound of his voice speaking my name. "Goodmorning."

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