Chapter 26

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Sensitive content! Please be aware before starting this!


I looked at her limp body, so relaxed and content, wasn't she? So loose and pliant. Her pretty lips were dropped open, I was so glad she is enjoying herself so much that she couldn't even control her body's responses anymore.

But she still had to pay. For running, for making me chase her for so long, doesn't she know how hard it was for me? How many girls I chased who resembled her? How many I had to discard afterwards when they didn't make the same pretty sounds she did? Didn't she care how much it bothered me?

"For every kiss, every touch that filthy boy did, I'm gonna have to punish you babygirl. After all, you're my doll, aren't you? And I don't like sharing." I crooned to her, picking up a sharp scalpel and moving towards her.

"Now let's see...he kissed all over your neck but hmm...I rather like the fetching marks you got there, don't want them to be hidden from sight by your pretty red blood. Ah... your cheeks, such gorgeous cheeks they are, so full and defined." As I traced the sharp blade of the scalpel along her cheekbones, revelling in the crimson beads that pearled under my touch. I traced her cheekbones with the scalpel, hissing at the pleasurable feeling of the tip sinking into her soft skin before leaving a trail of crimson behind. Stunning.

I glanced at her eyes, there were such pretty crystals waiting to fall but hadn't yet. Don't worry pet, I'll get them out of you. Oddly, her eyes weren't showing me the love and devotion I was expecting. They were hard and closed off, still struggling baby? Not for longer.

Where else was she touched?

"Ah, where else? Yes your lovely doll hands and fragile wrists. Such soft skin you have." As I slipped the blade along her dainty, slim wrists giving her lavish ruby bracelets; only for her, especially for her.

I was being so gentle towards her and she couldn't even express herself? Tch, tch. No manners?

A sudden rage of anger coursed through me and my grip on the scalpel tightened as I dug the blade in deeper, sighing with contentment as I heard strangled whimpers attempting to leave her throat.

I stepped away from her, leaning back to examine my artwork. Lying before me was the world's most beautiful piece, the red looking so tempting, so alluring as it bled into the white silk sheets. Now that they were blessed with her blood, they became testament to us, our union. She was mine in ways more than she could count.

Her white dress and the white of my sheets merged, she looked like she belonged, that she was one with the bed. There forever. For me.

The thought pleased me, I dropped the scalpel onto the ground and crawled upwards towards her spread out body. Slowly pushing the fabric of her dress upwards, bearing her skin, her flesh to me. A deep hunger, a want and need for her settled inside me; heavy and almost suffocating. I pushed the dress upwards, excitement mounting higher than higher. The fabric was bunched around her hips and I was able to see the gorgeous marking on her thighs. I did that, pride stirring inside me, I couldn't wait to have her squirming and begging.

An enormous grin ripped free from my mouth, joy exulting me as I leaned forward, bending my head forwards....



We all bustled into our apartment, calling out for (Y/N) with eagerness only to be greeted with emptiness. The apartment was as we left it but it felt cold, unused. Where was she? We hurried to her room, knocking before entering to be greeted with an empty room. She wasn't back yet?

Jin opened his phone to call her, it rang constantly before the automated message began to play. He lowered it, nervousness settling deep inside his gut. She never missed a call from him, from any of them, she knew she needed to be accessible at all times.

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