Chapter 8

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I jerked my head up to glance at Elisabeth's face. She had a shocked look but quickly regained her composure and went back between Leon and I. I took a peak at Leon's face just in time. He had his eyebrows furrowed and his lips pursed as if confused.

Me too too...

Elisabeth cling to him tightly, but he didn't show any reaction. Usually he'd be the clingy one. I glanced around the room to meet eyes with Cordell who had a swarm of women around him. Even he looked surprised at Elisabeth's result.

"I'm so sorry I'm late!" Ivy yelled running in.

"It's alright Ms. Oconell. Please approach the ball now for your result." Ivy nodded with a smile. To be honest, I really liked Ivy. Of course, I don't condone bullying in any way, but Ivy's reason was Elisabeth leading both male leads on. She was just a slight tsundere who didn't know how to express her feeling for Cordell. I glanced at Cordell who usually payed no attention and had a permanent smirk suddenly focused. Both the women on each of his arms tried to get his attention but he was staring directly at Ivy. Hm interesting. Maybe I could play matchmaker?

Ivy fell in love when she first saw Cordell on the tour. Ivy hasn't started her bullying rampage yet, so maybe I can make this work.

I didn't notice, but I started to rub my hands together as if plotting.

"Leonel~ She's being creepy!~" Elisabeth cooed and leaned into Leon more. He glanced at me questioningly to which I just shrugged. He looked back down at Elisabeth and hesitantly patted her head.

I brought my attention back to Ivy who actually got water. I don't remember what she had before but this gives me an excuse to talk to her.

The rest of the class went by quick.

"Jody you coming?" Colette asked while packing up her belongings.

"Um go ahead without me I have something to do." I replied.

"Alright! See you later!" Colette said giving me a one armed hug and running off. I go and look for Cordell before spotting him with Elisabeth. I quickly make my way over there with Elisabeth flinching. He looks at her confused but shakes it off.

"Excuse me for interrupting your conversation, but I have something to talk to you about." Elisabeth shoots me a quick glare before smiling again and whispering to Cordell.

"Be careful she's weird." I felt myself get red in anger because she isn't exactly quiet. He just nods in response to her.

"Do you want an autograph or something?" He asked giving me his 'lovable' smiles.

"Ew no! Bring your ego back a bit. I need to actually talk to you about something." I replied. He looked slightly taken back.

"Hm okay what is it?" He asked. I glanced at Elisabeth who flinched again and hid herself behind Cordell.

"Maybe we can talk when there aren't other ears around..."

"That can be arranged. My dear Elisabeth, can you give us a moment." He asked gently pushing her off his arm. She gives me a glare before returning her sweet smile and nodding to Cordell.

"So what is it? I'm a busy man I don't have all day."

"I saw the way you looked at Ivy."


"Ms Ivy Oconell I saw the way you looked at her." I said all knowingly. He looked as if he was going to protest but he could tell I saw right through him and sighed.


"You should talk to her. She might act a little rough, but that's how she is. I know you like challenges."

"Rough? How so?"

"If you give her compliments or tease her she will get defensive and won't admit she likes it." I glance up at Cordell and he seems to be processing it.

"So I assume you're friends with her?" He asks tilting his head.

"Not yet but I will be." I said smiling and leaving him in the dust. Once I was out of the room I did a mini happy dance. You know I have already screwed this story up. So, I might as well make it the way I hoped it would've.

I walk with my eyes closed before running head first into something hard. I growl slightly and rub my nose. Looking up I meet myself with the all too familiar red eyes.

"Oh Leon!" I gasped.

"What were you and Cordell talking about?" He asks. I raise my eyebrow at his question but quickly shake it off.

"Oh um I'm playing matchmaker!" I say matter of factly.

"Who are you setting him up with?" He raised a perfect eyebrow.

"Ivy Oconell."

"Why her?"

"Well when she walked in he payed close attention to her and he doesn't do that." I respond. Leon looking down but nods and just stares for a second.

"Did Elisa get earth in the novel too?" He suddenly asks.

"No. That's what I'm kind of confused about." I mumble. Leon looks down the hall and widens his eyes before wrapping me in a protective hug and pushing me against the wall. He leans his head over and sets it on my head with his arm around my waist and the other on the back of my head.

I could feel him looking around and eventually he removes his head from mine and looks down at my bright red face.

"You good?" He asks. I couldn't bring myself to say anything so I just nod. He looks confused for a second and tilts his head before flushing bright red to match me and letting go of me. He rubs the back of his neck sheepishly mumbling something.

"Your fiancé." He mumbled.

"Huh?" I tilted my head.

"Um I did that because I saw your fiancé coming...I didn't want him to hurt you." He says again putting his head down. I couldn't help but reach out and up to pat him on his head. He looks up shocked.

"Thank you..." I smile. I was about to pull away when he suddenly grabs my hand back and puts it on his cheek. He shuts his eyes and slowly leaned into my touch. When looking at him I couldn't help but realize how good looking he is. In this case he looks almost like a wounded animal. When looking at his eyes he had long dark lashes. His face and nose were perfectly sculpted. He was tall. I didn't notice it until standing next to him, but my head only reached his shoulder. Looking at him it was obvious he was very strong too. His big hand practically engulfed my smaller one.

I found myself suddenly blushing, but I shook my head to calm down.

"Hey get away from my fiancé!"

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