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I SIGH OUT heavily and lean back into the uncomfortable chair

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I SIGH OUT heavily and lean back into the uncomfortable chair. My head rolls to the side and I rest it on Levi's shoulder as we sit side by side in the hospital waiting room. 

We had all followed Vera and the ambulance hear. And by we I mean everyone. The two female workers from Dairy Queen, Lucinda and even the Officer McKenna who was given the rest of his night off after bragging to his captain that he just delivered a baby. 

Levi got to ride in the front of his car and had the lights going. It was really cute. 

Mom, David and Michael had shown up about the same time we did. Now we were all just chilling in the waiting room, eagerly standing by for a nurse to come out and give us an update on the baby. Because Stella was three weeks early, they needed to do a couple more tests on her to make sure she's okay. 

We were all worried but excited nonetheless. I glance around the waiting slowly. There were a couple other people in hear two. There was a son and his parents sitting on the other side of the room with the boy holding onto his hand that was wrapped in a dish cloth. 

There was also a guy in hear with burns on his anus because he stuck a firecracker up his ass. I couldn't stop laughing when he was yelling at the nurse. I think he blew both his eardrums out too. 

The double doors burst open and four familiar bodies rush in. I throw myself out of the chair as they all spot me and run over. 

"Is she okay?" Penn questions as she reaches me first. 

"How's the baby?" Chase asks next. 

"Is she cute?" Noah burst with a smile, still dressed in his disco gear. I grab a hold of Penn's hands as I smile softly at all of them. 

"Vera's fine and so is the baby." I explain as everyone sighs heavily in relief, "Her name is Stella." 

"She was named after me!" The dairy queen worker announces as we all glance over at her. Her friend Mari rolls her eyes while shaking her head. 

"Hay, who are these people? And why is there a cop?" Penn question while lowering her voice. I chuckle and shake my head. 

"Long story." I say as I walk back over and take my seat next to Levi. Penn, Noah, Chase and Emily all take up the seats in front of us. I glance at Noah who was busy reading a magazine on elderly health that he somehow obtained, "Tonight has been so fucking crazy that I'm not even sure if I'm awake right now." 

"Did you actually deliver her?" Penn questions as she folds one leg over the other. 

"Yup." I nod with pursed lips, "It was disgusting." 

"Hayden! Birth is a beautiful thing." My mother gasps as she whacks my arm. I flinch away with a confused frown as everyone laughs at me. 

"There were so many...liquids." I screw my nose up as everyone groans in disgust. I laugh evilly, "Aha! I'm not going to suffer with these images on my own people." 

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