chapter 12

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Tooba's p.o .v
I was roaming in my room thinking about haider's idea.
Should I do this or not?
Aahh! This haider stupid! Trigered this idiotic idea in my mind.
What to do now??
I was engrossed in self taking when I heard esha azaan calling out.
I sighed and went washroom to do my ablution.
While doing ablution I was having difficulty with my hand.
Allah! Its paining like hell!
I winched .
Who told you to do this stupidity?
My subconscious said and I just rolled my eyes on this thought.
I stated making prayers.
"Ya Allah,the Almighty and merciful! Please fulfill everyone's wishes. Grant everyone with happiness they ask for. Ya Allah! I don't know what to do or not. Please help in figuring out that should I work on haider's idea? I don't know what life wants for me or where it will take me in future. I trust you and you only!"
I wiped my tears and folded my prayer mat and sat it aside.

I was sitting calmly on bed when I felt lke someone was aging me to work on haider's idea.
Alright! It's done. I will work on this.
I stood up and turned off all the lights and made room completely dark.
Usually I leave atleast one light on to provide dim light in room but today when I have to do acting I turned all off.

I was about to sleep when I heard someone coming towards my room. I quickly closed my eyes and started pretending like a dead body.
It was 2 in the morning.
Only Allah knows how I made myself asleep till this instance.
I can figure out that there is some man on door due to the sound of boats.
Someone opened the door of my room And came in and closed the door behind.
Room was dangerously dark that's why that someone can't see my one eye which was opened.
"Strange! Today all lights are off. As long as I know she has the habit of sleeping in dim light."
And booommm!!
In a mere second I recognized HIM.
Means beejan was right he used to come here every night.

Rehab's p.o.v

I moved towards bed and took off my shoes and sat on bed beside her.
She was sleeping calmly.
I took her bandaged hand in my hand and started massaging her scalp with other hand.
"How many nights? How many more nights I have to stay apart from you? Please tooba trust me with my feelings towards you. I can't stay like this whole my life. I want you to be conscious when I take you in my arms not like this in sleeping state.
I don't know about the day when you come to know about this. "
I sighed and lied down beside her and put her hand on my chest where my heart was beating widly.
"I don't want you to know about this in your life. I don't know how will you react. You already don't believe me who knows when you hear about this you will accuse me of taking your advantage in your sleeping state but I can swear on Allah that I will never ever use you for my pleasure. If you don't want me to come closer to you I won't. That's why I left my own house just to make you comfortable. I just hope one day you will understand me!!"
I said and kissed her forehead.
I intertwined my fingers with hers.
"I am such an introvert. I don't open up with people. Sometimes not even my buddies know  which hell I am passing by! But for you! I want to open my heart in from of you. I want to share my every happiness my every pain with you. My soulmate! "
I closed my eyes and take a deep breathe and spoke in a low whisper.
"Why don't you understand that Allah named us as husband and wife while making pairs of human beings? My way of marrying you was definitely wrong but you were right I am a criminal at the end of the day and we don't carry patience."
She was sleeping like a child.
"I wish we could be like this in your conscious state. For you to witness my love for you and your effect on me. I am hopeful that someday I will have the same effect on you too."
I looked at my watch which was signalling 5 in the morning.
"You know what tooba? Times flies over us but leaves its shadow behind.
Time is free, but its priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you have lost it you can never get it back.
I want time to leave good shadow on us which we can cherish later. I don't want both of us to regret over the passing time.
I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.
I am a man who works whole day and stay awake whole night. Thinking of you keeps me awake. Whenever I leave you sleeping peacefully I feel like I have consumed whole your peace and energy in me. I don't feel like sleeping anymore.
I wish one day I don't have to come to you and leave sneakily.
I ask Allah just one thing that when you have the chance to love me then why can't you?
I pray that someday he will swell your heart with eternal love for me (Ameen)."
I sat and put her hand on her stomach and moved her hair aside from her face.
"Now I have to go but I will come tomorrow. I will keep o coming until love blooms in your heart for me and you accept our marriage and don't refer me as your forced husband."
I pulled sheet over her.
"It may be sound cheesy but I love you the way a drowning man loves air. I am happy and I want to keep you happy because you are the reason I am this much happy. I want you to greet me with smile whenever I come to you not with your sleep because in your smile I find something more sparkling then stars and moon."
I kissed her forehead. My lips lingered there for sometime and then I put my shoes on  and left her glancing one last time at her.
One thing to be sure is she is so damn heavy sleeper!
I smiled at my thought and started walking towards my car.

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