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"What should we do then?" I asked Ice, clearly stressing out due to my lack of idea's for Ace's birthday.

"Ace has always wanted to get away from the Mafia but he's never really had the chance since he's the leader of one so I was thinking that you could take him on a holiday. I'll handle things with the Mafia over here until he gets back or else he can put someone else in charge, I don't mind, either way he'll enjoy being away, especially if it's with you" Ice explained.

It wasn't a bad idea. I know that Ace can be very stressed out sometimes due to it so maybe sometime away will let him destress for a little bit.

"You decide where you guys go but you also have to decide what present you're going to get him because of course, I can't do that for you" he grinned at me before shoving me slightly. "What was that for?" I glared at him. "I don't know, I'm in a playful mood" Ice walked out.

Ice was becoming the brother I always wanted. Yeah, he's annoying and really irrational sometimes but overall he just wants the best for the people he cares about.

I can tell that Ice is missing Dante, probably more than he would've because Ice is getting all of Dante's unfinished paperwork now, but I think he also just misses one of his best friends. Plus I think Ice also wants a break from Ace.

Now I had to think about where I wanted to take Ace. He's a very complicated man, always stressed, never smiling, not simplistic. So maybe I shouldn't think too hard about where to take him. I should take him somewhere simplistic with no distractions. I feel like Ace would love Hawaii. There's something about him that seems like he would really like it over there.

He told me one night that he loves to swim because it's soothing for him. He doesn't get to do it often since he's always working. So maybe if we rented a little beach house next to sea, he would enjoy it more. Then when he comes back, Dante and Ice will be waiting for him and they can have their guys night.

But I have no idea what to get him for a present.

I'll think about it later when I'm booking the flights and renting the house.

Ace's POV:
I had woken up from my nap and Sofia was no longer lying in arms. I sighed before grabbing my journal, realising that I hadn't written anything today. I was in a bit of a grumpy mood as usual but that didn't stop me from writing.

Today was a stressful day as usual, Ice has learned and informed me that my father was camping out in one of my many houses. It was hours away but at least now I can keep an eye on him from afar.

I still do not forgive him for what he did to my mother, I don't think I ever can, it was the worst act of cruelty he had ever done to me. He killed her to punish me for loving a woman; A woman I could not control loving. I wasn't able to hide the fact that I was falling for Sofia in front of my father and he hated the idea of Sofia turning me soft. I'm not soft, if anything I'm just as strong as before; more mentally stable than before. I'm more forgiving now.

I've sent my men to take away his basic supplies and turn off the water. That home will become his cell. I will let him starve and dehydrate as a punishment for what he done to my mother. Then I will go to the house and slit his throat.

He was afraid of Sofia turning me soft, I'll show him just how merciless I can be while I'm with Sofia. I can't wait to wrap my hands around his throat and watch the life start to slowly drain from his face before I take a knife and end him once and for all.

I'm getting revenge for all the mental abuse he put me through. I'm getting revenge for the multiple times he would throw me in a room when I was 15 and let boys my age, beat me until I screamed for my father to come back help me. He used to do this to show me that I will always need him; now he is the one who will need me.

I wasn't finished writing but Sofia had come back into the room. "What time is it ?" I asked with a grumble before pulling a pillow over my face. "You slept for roughly an hour so it's 10pm" she replied, sitting on the edge of the bed with most of her back to me but at an angle that I could still see her face.

She looked irresistible. Her dark brown hair was shoved up into a messy bun and her light brown eyes glistened due to the light that peaking in at her through the door. She was holding her journal as she jotted something into it. I watch a loose strand of hair that she had tucked behind her ear, fall to the side of her face. She was flawless to me; she was just perfect.

I noticed the baggy jersey hanging slightly off her shoulder and the shorts that were barely visible due to how long and big my jersey was on her.

I slowly moved towards her before pressing my lips against her naked collar bone. I watched  squirm and tell me to stop but not push me away. I gently kissed her neck and then her cheek, making her blush slightly as she tried to concentrate on what she was writing.

"Do you want to go get food?" I whispered in her ear, finally getting 100% of her attention. "Yes" she smiled as her eyes lit up with curiosity. "What food do you want to get?" I asked with a hushed tone. "Mc Donald's" she grinned evilly. I rolled my eyes before standing up and walking over my dresser. I put on a new set of clothes before glancing over at Sofia who blushed when I caught her staring at me. 

"Are you ready?" I asked curiously, glancing at her up and down. "Is this not good enough" she  looked down at my shirt that she wearing. "No, you're perfect" I muttered while I shrugged walking out and downstairs before grabbing my keys. I stood at the door waiting for Sofia who came downstairs shortly after me.

"Ice we're leaving for a bit, don't burn the house down" I shouted. "Can't promise anything" he roared back from somewhere in the house.

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