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Ella came home with the RINGING BELL and a mind full of queries about whether she should wield the bell or not .Days are simply passsed like that thinking only whether to use this BELL or not then after thinking so much finally she thought that what's the harm in using this BELL let's try out once and see what will happen either the invisible man will come or not nothing more will happen so after long finally she rang the BELL after RINGING that bell you can't envision it also an emphatic voice of a man had came saying that "What's your order miss".After hearing this voice Ella was remaind in a bombshell for sometime then after gaining her concious back .She asked to that man " u r not that type of invisible man whch I have seen in that movie character " then the invisible man replied "Yes miss whatever u are saying is absolutely true I am not that sort of invisible man which u have seen in the movie".
"Many years ago my brother had gave me the curse that after my death I will became invisible " . Then Ella asked to him that "Why your brother gave u such a big curse". Then the man replied "This all happen because of property my elder brother was always jealous for my property so because of all this I am like this but don't worry u little I am not a bad person  I will not harm you don't fear from me . Sometimes I just think whatever has happened it happened for a good cause I can help out the people. Are in distress in any way
So this is the end of this chapter I hope guys u will enjoy this .Next  chapter will be coming soon.

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