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HER BROWS FURROWED, HER ANGER rising up her throat. She fought with herself to avoid exploding. It was one thing for her to be so lenient with herself but to allow him to speak to her that way? She was infuriated. She closed more of the gap between them, standing talk in a threatening manner.

If he has such a huge problem, why go through all the trouble? Why go above and beyond to be a part of her life and business?

They're all children. Every single one of these hopefuls. She inhaled deeply before releasing.

"Why are you here?" She asked him.

Her growing frustration made it hard for her to speak, forming a ball in her throat. She wanted to laugh at herself, not believing that she was having such a hard time with what was going on. But truthfully, she was unaware as to what her situation was. He claimed something was wrong with her, so he had to prove it.

"You want to claim there is something wrong with me? Prove it."

Her words caught him off guard. He knew that she was the type of person who relied heavily on proof before she made a decision, she used that very technique on him. She tried to force him away from her but he very stubbornly wanted to form some kind of relationship with her.

And for what? He couldn't tell you. He'd been adamant on his families success, her family being one that could get them there no problem. But in the short period of knowing her, he felt that her opinion mattered.

She never did anything though. She never opened up as much as giving the slight information that she was an orphan. She was utterly closed off and unknown to him. That got to him. How was he supposed to move on when his mind was so curious? How could he in his right mind use her when she intrigued him so much?

She was only a woman looking out for herself, a rich girl who moved through life as if any day could be her last. It didn't sit right with him. And for some reason he grew to respect her.

He stood there, his mouth opening to speak. She raised her hand to stop him. Her dark brown eyes looked through him. They were filled with sorrow and turned away from him, leaving him wanting more. They only said so much before she turned into herself. But her body told a different story.

She trembled and shook her head in disappointment.She motioned between them, "This is something that I do not have to capacity for."

She didn't have the capacity for the mindless bullshit that he was bringing upon her. Sure she was worried as to why he was barreling down to her place late at night, clearly distressed but she couldn't be bothered with his personal issues. She had to take care of her own and he was not one of her own. No matter how close he tried to get to her, he would remain a business partner.

He turned away, he was going to leave. There was so much he wanted to say to her. So much he wanted to voice which is why he even showed up. But nothing formed. His mouth remained shut and his mind slowed into a jumbled knot, nothing of which he could articulate anymore.

"Thomas..." Her wavering voice tried his first name.

He wanted her to let him leave. He could continue walking without looking back but it did not feel right to him. He glanced back at her, she had her arms wrapped around her body and that concerned yet frustrated look remained on her face.

It was because of him. He didn't need her pity. He stared at her, waiting for her to continue quickly so he can leave.

"We are not friends. This cannot happen." She stated with a stern tone. And all of those emotions fell from her face, he was now staring at a stone wall.

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