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The Raven haired girl sat in the office.

1 Year Ago From Today

"Did you hear?"
Joise Pye voice rang as her wicked smirk on her face.


"Charlie Sloane likes Anne."


"Oh cool, I have to go Josie, later."

The Raven haired girl turned down the hall and went to her locker.

She traced her figure on her locker number as she slouched down.

She slowly sat head in arms with the wondering thoughts that just couldn't keep quiet.

Why am I not good enough
for him....

Is it because I'm not pretty enough?

It it because I'm not as good as Anne?

Why her, why the closest person to me?

I don't understand...

She doesn't even like him, I know the way she looks at other guys...

why am I not good enough?

She wiped her face with her blue sweater as she carry her things.

She walks out the school doors,



The Raven haired girl walks into her not so home..

"Hi Father, Mother.."

"Wipe that ass half crying look off your face."

She quickly looked up and
adjusted her posture.

"You little Bitch, you live in my house and you can't even get a good grade. Such a waste of a human being, get out of my face. Get your grade up and stop being such a disappointment."

"Yes-s Father."

She quickly lead up the steps.

Why am I not good enough for


Present time

"Diana Barry you can come in now."

Hey guys,

I've never done one of these before, but since my book hit over 400 view!.. 🎉

Ah that's crazy!! Thank you so much. I will be making a special or Q&A!! 💕

🎉so please ask questions or requests an ideas for the special! 🎉

Have a good day! Stay awsome AND safe!❤️

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