🔶 29 - A Brother's Love 🔶

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(WARNING ⚠️: Contains a bit of BLOODY SCENES and PURE ANGST. Please read this at your own risk.)


The light elemental silently exited his room, and went towards his little brother's room afterwards. When he reached his front door, he gently knocked three times, calling his name.

"Api? Are you there?" He softly asked, as he knocked again three times since he haven't received any answer.


Still, no answer.

He knocked again, but harder and louder.


Again, no reply.

"API!?" Cahaya started to feel uneasy, since he had been calling his little brother for a few times already but still, there was no reply.

Worried, he quickly grabbed the doorknob to twist it open and to his surprise, it was unlocked. He swiftly but gently turned the doorknob, opening the door afterwards. As the door swung open, it illuminated the dark room of his little brother.

Then there, he saw Api, with his left arm bleeding and filled with numerous cuts and a small yet sharp cutter on his other hand. The light elemental gasped in shock with his eyes widened, thinking that his little brother's attempting to end his own life.

"API, NO!" Without hesitation, Cahaya quickly rushed towards Api, hugging him from behind while taking the cutter from his grip, throwing it away afterwards. Tears started streaming down his face, sobbing behind Api's back.

"Please... Don't do this, Api... Stop hurting yourself—"

Api on the other hand, tried squirming out from his big brother's hold. "LET ME GO! YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW THAT I'M HURT AT ALL! THE PAIN I'M FEELING RIGHT NOW!" The fire elemental's voice cracked, as he felt his heart sunk.

"Please, stay strong, Api... You still have miles to go..." Cahaya whispered softly, hugging him tightly to let his little brother know that he's there for him.

"I can't! I can't take it anymore!" Api then broke down, giving up on freeing himself from his big brother's grip.

"I'm trying to be like you... But, our parents just won't accept me... I tried so hard, big brother... But, I'm only ending up as a failure. No matter how many times I'm trying to hold on, trying so hard to stay strong, I just can't anymore... I wanted to let go... I wanted to give up... I can't do this anymore..." He stated, as he slowly faced his big brother.

"No, you can do this. You're strong, Api. I'm sorry if I've been so selfish... I'm sorry for being blind all these years..." Cahaya softly said, his hand making its way towards his little brother's cheek and gently caressed it.

"How come you're so perfect...? Mom and Dad loves who you are... People admire you so much... You have so many friends to be with... While me..." He sniffled, his teeth clenched tightly.

"I'm just... a dumb, immature, stupid young brother... Mom and Dad doesn't like who I am... People are always judging me... I had friends... Friends who were backstabbers... Friends... who were fake." The red capped boy then sobbed quietly, slowly looking up at his light elemental big brother with tears started streaming down his face.

"I wanna be like you..." He stated, sobbing. "Please tell me... How can I be like you?"

Cahaya felt his heart dropped the moment he saw his little brother breaking down in front of him. A tear escaped from his eyes, as he felt his little brother's pain. He carefully wiped the tears off his little brother's puffy eyes, his forehead gently touching his and closed his eyes.

"You don't have to be like me, Api." He softly spoke. "Because, you're already perfect just the way you are. You don't have to compare yourself from others, nor me." He calmly said, and opened his eyes to look at his little brother. "You're important to me, Api. I can't imagine my life without you. You helped me create some precious memories together. I honestly want to thank you for being part of our family, for being part of my life. For being there when I needed you, for always supporting me, and for loving me unconditionally."

Api's lips quivered, the pupils in his eyes shook as he listened to every single word his big brother was saying.

"If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then would you realize how special you are to me." Cahaya added, a sad but warm smile formed his lips.

Api's breath hitched after he heard his big brother's last statement, warm tears started trickling down his face. He then embraced his big brother wholeheartedly, a small smile was curved on his lips. Cahaya gently returned the hug, chuckling softly afterwards.

"I'm sorry, Api." He sincerely apologized, hugging his little brother more as he smiled more. "I love you."

His fire elemental little brother giggled silently, feeling his warmth as they hugged. "I love you too, big brother Cahaya."

The light elemental felt his heart became warmer after hearing his young brother's response. He felt happy and contented to hear his little brother calling him 'big brother' again, and he swore he'll never make the same mistake again.

Cahaya then loosened the hug, glancing at his little brother then at his wounded arm. "I'll be right back." He immediately disappeared using his power to get something then came back with a first aid kit on his hand.

He kneeled down on his little brother's level and opened the kit, getting the bandage inside. After he got the bandage, he carefully lifted Api's wounded little arm, gently wrapping it with a bandage afterwards.

"You know, I can't imagine you being a first aider when you grow up." Api stated, giggling afterwards.

Cahaya scoffed playfully, grinning at his statement. "But, can you imagine me being a role model superstar on a magazine?" He asked, grinning.

"No." The red capped boy straightforwardly said, laughing afterwards. The light elemental only pouted from his response, shaking his head as he laughed along with his little brother.

Cahaya was done wrapping the bandage on his little brother's arm, looking at his afterwards with a smile. "So, what do you want us to do?" He asked, making his little brother smile widely.

"Let's play videogames!"


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