Chapter 2 - Son of a cookie

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Every morning you have two choices:
Continue to sleep with your dreams,
or wake up and chase them.


Hritika's Apartment, NewYork

Hritika's POV

It's been two days since I arrived in New York and encounter with the stranger. The flight took exactly 15hrs 5min, and I was tired after travelling, so I thought I would do something after resting.

Today was the official first day of my new life. I was so excited. So, Today I decided to go sightseeing and about arranging my apartment. My dad had already got it arranged.

My family used to go on a vacation, but they never brought me to any place here in the US. My brother is because he is running the business. Most of his conferences held it here, while I was stuck with my mother.

It's a 3bhk with a kitchen, a large living room. There is a large balcony with pretty flowers in the pot of different sizes. The best part about my room is the large pane of glass that allows me to see the beautiful view of skyscrapers. The whole apartment was luxurious and very spacious.

 The whole apartment was luxurious and very spacious

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Now, It's 8 o'clock in the morning and Daksh is nowhere to be seen

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Now, It's 8 o'clock in the morning and Daksh is nowhere to be seen. I told him to come at 7:30 am So we can go early but see I can't even expect him to come soon.

I have already taken a shower and dried my hair. Right now I am in my walk-in closet searching for my today's outfit. I picked my outfit as a white crop top, shirt and black jeans put it on the couch. I did my makeup, hair fast and put on my clothes, paired with my Nike sneakers.

Suddenly my doorbell rang!! Finally, this son of a cookie is here. Okay I know it's funny but I don't know how to curse.

"I'm coming!" I took my wallet, phone and I opened the door.

"Hello, You look Pretty!" Daksh said pulling me in a hug.

"Where were you from past 1.30hrs?" I said with my hand on my hips.

"Well, I met with the traffic you know, especially in New York!" Daksh said sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck and I sighed it's of no use I know he forgot.

"Whatever let's go!" I walk out of my apartment and I heard Daksh walk behind me. I pressed the lift button and we walked to the car. We climb inside and Daksh turns to me.

"Where do you want to go first?"

"Statue of liberty"

"Good, I hired a private boat to take us there in an hour or a half." He smiled. The limo pulls onto the road and it takes us towards the wharf.

We explored the statue of liberty. We took a lot of photos on there and We also did shopping near the boat. After that, we went to the Chrysler building. It was fun watching whole New York City from up there. City looks beautiful from the Chrysler building. We take some pictures of us in random poses like stick out our tongues.

Right now we are in a restaurant. We sat in silence until the waitress comes over.

"Hi what can I get you?" She smiled at us. We gave her our orders and I guess she was surprised because we asked for king size burgers and fries.

Well, we were very hungry!

"Do you want to go on a Brooklyn bridge after this?"
We were laughing and talking.

"Yes! will see after that!" I nod as Our food came and we dug in, I laughed at Daksh trying to fit the whole burger in his mouth. It was so funny he looked like a monkey. He does such a gimmick in front of me and becomes like a ruthless businessman in front of others.

I could not shake that creepy feeling engulf me as if somebody was watching me. I felt a cold shiver sweep over me, even though it was a hot day. I looked around curiously but didn't see anybody looking at me. so I shrugged the paranoia aside.

We paid our bill and made way to the cars. We enter the car and moved towards the Brooklyn Bridge.

A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the classic New York experiences. In addition to giving you a close look at the bridge's Gothic arches and delicate filigree of cables, it offers a magical view of Lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.

I wanna go home.

I sigh as I started to feel pain in my feet.

"Do you want to go anywhere after this?" Daksh looks at me concerned. I shake my head

"I am tired. Thank you for today Daksh. I had so much fun here with you. Let's go home it's already 4 pm!" I said as I look at the time. We moved to the car and Once we got in the car, Daksh started driving. Moving to the posh part of the city we made way to my home.

Daksh went his home after dropping me because he became CEO just 1 year ago and You must know how busy CEOs are.

I sigh in content before walking into my closet to change and then run to my bed, bouncing as I fall on it. I sat on the bed with my lappy on my lap to search for jobs.

Finally I send mail along with CV to the top companies having vacancies for a job. I had done MBA in business administration but I didn't do any internship because my dad didn't let me go. I even send my CV to the Malhotra's company. One of the world's biggest shipping companies.

To be honest, I don't think so they are gonna accept me because I don't have any experience. let's just hope for the best cause on Monday I have an interview with them god bless my soul. And especially this Mr. Malhotra.

I don't even know who he is.. but from the news I got from my friends they told me that he is the hottest eligible bachelor in the state. He is very hot every girl wants him but he just wants money and no girl.

He is never been seen with a girl. He is not even a player. Is he a gay? I mean it's so unbelievable. He doesn't date and he is a billionaire. He can get any girl he wants.

Anyway, why I am even thinking this ughhh!!! I didn't even get a job there, I think it's my time to sleep.

Now I will enjoy my lazy Sunday tomorrow with my Netflix or Turkish Series 'Early bird', not to forget Ice-cream and get prepared for my interview for Monday.

Getting under the soft covers I sequel in happiness.

If my bed and I had a relationship, We would be going pretty strong right about now. Snuggling my cheek on my pillow, I went into a deep sleep thinking about the whole job thing.


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