Chapter 28

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(Y/N) POV:

I huffed looking at the attached IV drip with disgust, shooting it a hateful glare as though it would magically disappear under my fuming eyes.

"(Y/N)-ah, it won't vanish the longer you stare at it." A chuckling Tae said.

I turned to aim that glare at him instead but found myself unable to under the boxy grin and light practically radiating off him.

"Anyways...I've gotten something to cheer you up." He added, grinning at me.

Curiosity got the best of me.

"What is it Taetae?" I said bouncing slightly causing the IV drip to dig in slightly, the slight flare of pain making me halt my movements.

Oh, this blasted thing!

"I'm ready to make you into a mummy." He chirped, I nodded along. Wait, what?!

"Mummy?" I inquired tentatively.

"Yeah! Tannie's mummy. I think you're perfect!" he said before he left the room and re-entered with a handful of fluffy Pomeranian.

I cooed, hands reaching out for Tae to hand me Yeontan. He was a puppy, so he was TINY, he even managed to fit into my hands when I cupped them. I peppered kisses all across Tannie's face, mood lightening instantly.

He wagged his tail eagerly, tongue coming out to lap at my face. I giggled under the slightly ticklish sensation, squirming away but he just leaned forward continuing with his act.

His tail wagged back and forth quickly as I sat him down in my lap, petting his fur unable to stop the cooing or myself from pressing kisses all along his face.

"Hey, don't ignore me!" Tae protested, watching mouth agape at the love I showered my baby with. He came forward hands outstretched to take Tannie away from me.

I pulled away defensively, holding his small body in my hands, raised slightly above my head.

"Hey, no fair. You can't separate a mother from her child. You're going to psychologically damage him!" I protested trying to avoid Tae's long limbs reaching forward. He toppled over onto me, fingers darting out to tickle me in attempt to get me to leave Tannie. NEVER. I thought between helpless giggles.

"HELP! HELP!" I yelled between giggles, the effect was instantaneous, the door crashed open as several figures tumbled through the doorway.

Kookie bounded forward, eyes scanning the room and then seeing Tae's body pressing mine into the mattress, my head only visible, he darted forward.

"Hyung off! Stop squishing my cuddle buddy!" he yelled as he wrestled his body off me.

I gasped for breath, both from the tickling and from my body being squished.

I laughed victoriously bring Tannie up in front of me as he wriggled excitedly.

"I win Tae! I want full custody over him!" I yelled as I rose up victoriously before the drip pulled at my hip slightly. I tried to mask my wince, I thought I was successful.

I looked up to see narrowed eyes and an oblivious giggling Tae.

"You can play Lion King later missy." Jin oppa lectured, hands on hips. I looked up to see the position I was holding Tannie mirrored it and I couldn't stop my lips from twitching. He moved forward to tug me back into bed, but I crossed my legs, lip jutting out petulantly as I cuddled Tannie.

"(Y/N)-ah, you need to rest." He insisted with a despaired sigh.

"But I'm boooored." I whined, "and Tae was just playing with me until he tried kidnapping" I added, glancing at Tae to see his eyes widen.

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