thirteenth: cold*

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A/N: Things get really really intense here.

We stumbled into his bedroom about an hour later.

I had managed to bid goodbye to a very tired and drunk Rosalie after we were back on sweet, sweet land. Once I was alone, Reznick had lost no time in pulling me into his car.

It seemed to me like he was harder up than I realized. Coming on to me almost violently. I had had multiple experiences in my lifetime. Enough to tell that sex wasn't always about lust. Sometimes it was just about power, or the will to appear stronger. Maybe it gave Reznick some sadist pleasure to appeal to a young, struggling man. Maybe he simply wanted me so he could feel good about himself. Maybe he just wanted something that was not his. I couldn't quite tell, but at that moment it wasn't important.

It was time to shut off my feelings as I let him undress me. Trying hard not to seem too disinterested. I let him have his way with me, giving him little compliments and sighing in fake ecstasy.

I was shocked to see the similarities his bedroom seemed to have with Rosalie's. Apart from the warmer colour palette, everything else seemed strikingly the same. His seemed to have a vintage look, unlike Rosalie's sleek, modern one. For doing what I wanted to do, it was important to get him as inebriated as possible.

"Antonio," I crooned after a while.

"Mm?" he sighed against my neck. I was repulsed by the feeling of him and swallowed hard. 

"Would you like to get a drink?" I struggled to keep my voice from trembling. 

He leaned back and nodded. "Sure."

I slid out from under him, making my way to the drink cabinet. His eyes studied my naked body with shameless hunger. His irises glinted as I turned to glance at him. I gulped my revulsion down and pulled out a bottle of rum along with two glasses. I walked over to him, pouring him a drink and handed the glass to him. He sat on the bed, his fingers clasping my hand and making my skin crawl. I smiled softly at him.

He took a sip and sighed deeply. "This is good stuff."

I sat beside him and poured myself a drink, clinking my glass with his. I knew I just needed to push him a little. Just give him that tiny nudge till he would be spilling to me his darkest secrets. I turned to face him, leaning into him and kissing his cheek. I let my tongue trace upwards to his ear, nibbling it softly.


"You have a lot of hidden talents, Reznick," I whispered breathlessly, sucking his neck which he eagerly exposed. "Apart from making truckloads of money."

He chuckled. "I would like to make you my sugar baby. I think you'd do nicely. Plus-" I almost flinched when his hand travelled down my body, squeezing roughly. "I would love to get a piece of this every day."

I rose to my feet, placing the drink on the bedside table and smiling seductively at him. He took another swig of the glass and I refilled it immediately.

"Really?" I asked softly. "What would you do to me?"

He growled, telling me in detail what he would do to me. I almost threw up on his face.

I straddled him, grinding slowly against his tiny erection. A relief for once. I knotted my fingers in his hair and licked his lips. "Let me spoil you, baby," I whispered, filling his glass again, even though it wasn't empty. "Drink up."

His breathing was ragged, his dark, lusty eyes fixed on me as he took another sip, finishing the drink with alarming speed. I poured him another glass. And another. His face was pink, his eyes glassy. It was time for the final touch.

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