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Next morning Ella woke up and she was very happy as that day was Sunday after taking a shower and having a big-fat English breakfast of Ella's favorite dishes Bacon, sausage, eggs, mushroom ,  chocolate shake and whatnot. She went to the garden with her pen- friend Lisa she narrated the whole incidence to her but Lisa was not able to believe about an invisible man with the bell then Ella said to hjer "Ok I'll show you that how the invisible man will come after RINGING this bell than you will definitely believe ". Then Ella rang the bell the
n the voice had came " What's your order miss". Then" Ella asked that invisible man to steal the chocolate and gave it to that poor girl as she was crying for chocolate but her parents can't buy the chocolate as they are not having enough money to buy for their daughter " but that invisible man had said to Ella "It's not at all good to steal we can buy it with money also why to steal God will never forgive us "  then Ella said to that man " For a good cause God will forgive us I am not having amount" then the man replied " Ok but I am doing for first and last time " then Ella replied "Ok but go please" then that man had gone in the shop and steal the chocolate and gave all the chocolate to Ella and then Ella along with Lisa and she gave that chocolate to poor girl after giving to that girl she felt extremely happy then Ella said to that man "Thank you this all became possible because of u and your invisibility" then that invisible man replied "Hmm mention not" from that day onwards Ella with that invisible man then do something good for the people who are in great need .................But after a week a great secret of that invisible. Had been revealed that was very much shocking u can't believe it also but you have to believe this is the end of this chapter I hope you will like this chapter ! Next chapter will come soon.....

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