chapter 13

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Tooba's p.o.v
I saw him going out of the with a huge sigh.
As soon as he shut door behind him I sat up on bed.
It has become hard for me now to control my tears.

This much love!

I remembered his words.

"You know what tooba? Times flies over us but leaves its shadow behind.
Time is free, but its priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you have lost it you can never get it back.
I want time to leave good shadow on us which we can cherish later. I don't want both of us to regret over the passing time.
I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.
I am a man who works whole and stay awake whole night. Thinking of you keeps me awake."

I had never experienced this much love in my whole life.  He is indeed a best human and a best husband any girl could demand for.
He could be a dream prince  of any girl and can get any girl with his breathtaking looks but still he choose me.
Tears were sliding down my cheeks uncontrollably.
Fajar azan was calling out.
I got up, did my ablution, prayed and lied down on bed thinking about him.

"So what's the problem now?"
Haider asked while sipping his tea.
"Look haider! Firstly don't tell anything about this to him. Secondly the problem is I don't know what to do now."
I lowered my eyes being ashamed.
"What do you mean by what to do? He loves you. You know this and now you have to live like a happy couple.
"Aah! You are such an idiot. I should not act on your that damn idea so that I won't be depressing myself like this."
"Ohh hello! Madam you should thank me because you got to know the truth just because of my idea of staying up whole night. Instead you are blaming me. Huhh! No ezzat(respect) at all!"
He said dramatically clenching his heart.
"Oh shut up Yar! Now tell me what to do next. I had never been in this situation."
I said sipping my coffee.
"Yeah you don't know a word about love and asking me like I have done PhD in loveology."
He said rolling his eyes.
"What loveology? Does any subject named like this even exist in universe? "
"You know what! Leave it! You just leave it at its own. Please don't bother to do anything."
He started focusing like he is about to address whole country but ended up rolling his eyes.
I threw cushion on him from sofa.
"Ouch! You are such an abusive lady. Allah knows how rehab is going to tolerate you his remaining life."
"Yeah! Yeah! Lemme tell you how he is going to tolerate."
I took my slipper from floor and was about to throw it at him when he started to run.
"Wait let me tell you ."
I ran behind him.
We were running in launch throwing cushions on each other and soon whole launch started to look like a boxing ring.
"Bhabhi I am telling you to stop Or else.."
Haider was interrupted by me.
"Or else I will kill you with my slippers."
He again started running with me after him.
We were running around sofas.
I threw my slipper on him which he catches expertly.
I was panting now. We both stopped. I was behind of one sofa while he was behind the one in front of me.
"Wow! You have quite nice slippers. I will give them to my girlfriend. Please throw another one too."
He said grinning.
"For that you need 1 teaspoon girlfriend which you can never have."
I said smirking.
"I am more handsome than your that stupid husband. Miss idiot!"
And boomm!
"Whom did you call idiot?"
I said getting red with anger.
"You! Haider k bachay(Haider's child)! Just wait and watch what I am going to do with youhh!"
I said emphasizing 'you' and was about to throw my another slipper on him when beejan's voice came in our ears.
"What you both are doing?"
She road from her room.
I and haider looked at each other.
Ya mery Allah! What you guys had done to launch?"
Soon beejan's figure emerged from her room.
She came towards us.
I followed her gaze and stopped on my hand which was holding slipper.
I threw it down on floor and stood straight.
Haider mirrored my action.
"What you guys are? 5 han? Don't you both have sense of what you are doing? "
"Beejan actually..
Haider was about to speak when I interrupt him.
" Beejan all mistake is his. He was speaking nonsense."
"Have some fear of Allah Bhabhi."
He said faking shock.
"Haider you.."
"Bhabhi you are blaming me for everything.."
"Yeah that's not good Haider. Look what you have done."
"Look bhabhi! You messed up everything.."
" Bha..."
"Oh shut up you both! Just shut up! You guys ate fighting like kids. Both are idiots. I don't know whose mistake it was all I know is that I want my launch clean and clear like before at the end of this hour."
Beejan said and left launch not without tripping on cushion which haider threw on me.
I looked at Haider.
Haider looked at me and we both burst into laughter.
"Man !... It .. was hilarious. beejan..reacted."
He said between his laughter.
"Haha! Seriously.. When..she tripped.. Hahahah! It was sight to see. Her face! ... OMG!"
I said gripping my stomach. I sat on sofa with Haider beside me.
"Haider we are so badtameez by the way. We are laughing on her."
I said being serious but soon started laughing again.
"Haha sorry sorry! My stomach is hurting now from laughing too much. Well look at this scene. Your husband will never ever raise his voice on you but he will smash my head if he will see his one and only launch this  much messed up."
He said sitting straight.
"OK OK let's save you from his anger. Let's fix all this mess."
"Yeah! Let's go."
We both started cleaning launch.

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