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Hey guys! ^o^/ 💞

So, first and for most, I honestly don't know how many times I'd said "Thank you" to all of you. Probably a hundred times now and surely, I appreciate every support you've given me and thanks for being patient as well. ❤️💟💞💓💝💕💗

This book and the other books I'd made became really a journey for me. And, I couldn't complete all of them without yall! TwT 💖💓💕💞💟❤️💗💝

You guys don't know how much of a thankful person I am, especially in real life if you met me personally. I may be an introverted person irl but honestly, I truly appreciate all of yall for sticking with me all through these journey. And, I'm grateful for having yall by my side. 💕💓💞💖💝💗

Also, every time I publish a single chapter, just for a few minutes my notifications just popping up already out of nowhere. Seriously, how excited are you guys? XD I was completely surprised and in disbelief at the same time after receiving like 30+ notifs in just 5 minutes... 😂

Okay, enough of that! Here are some suggested books for yall if some of you haven't read it yet. 👇

This book is about Petir and Daun's story.

While this book is what I'm going to work on next, and it's all about Air and Angin's story.

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While these books right here, are just some other AU books I have. Feel free to check them out! >wO

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