seventeenth: beautiful*

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Dedicated to IlamMalik who's comments always make me smile and inspire me.

This chapter is a really long one. But I needed to put in my very best to do Xavier and Grayson justice. I needed it to be tender and loving but also sexy and sweltering. It took a lot of edits and thinking. Finally something good is happening for Xavier and I wanted it to be worth something. Please feel free to leave any suggestions below :)

You already know what's gonna happen ;)

Found this song and fits well (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

His kiss set my entire body alight. As if each inch of it was yearning to feel his lips. He traced my lower lip with his tongue before letting it wade into my mouth. It opened against his eagerly as our hot breaths morphed into each other. Intoxicating me. Burning me.

His hands travelled to my t-shirt, sliding into it as I growled softly at the feel of his touch on my bare skin. I straddled him, pushing closer.

"Fuck..." I sighed softly as he pushed me onto the couch, hovering over me. He took my hand, entwining his fingers and kissing the tips of them gently. He licked my fingertips. I gazed at him, mesmerized. Shivering at the feel of his tongue. All my senses enraptured by him.

He leaned over and I immediately opened my mouth in anticipation. My tongue reaching out to meet his as fire burst in the pit of my stomach.

"Tell me what feels good," he whispered, reaching for his shirt and unbuttoning it. I drank in the sight of his naked torso. My stomach clenching with desire. He was everything I had dreamt of.

I let my eyes devour each of his perfect imperfections. I placed a hand on his chest, sliding it lower just below his right rib. I could see the dark outline of a formerly ghastly gash now faded into a scar.

"What happened?" I whispered breathlessly, brushing my fingers gently over it.

He gazed at where my hand rested on his body. His eyes seemed to cloud over for a moment before he shook his head. "A stab wound. A particularly adventurous case."

For a second, I felt bewildered by the sudden stinging pain in my heart. As if someone had impaled it as well. Mirroring Gray's injury. The thought of him getting hurt made my heart squeeze in anguish.

Before I could ask anything else, he leaned over and kissed my neck, nuzzling it gently. His mouth opened against my skin, sucking my flesh, marking me. The intoxicating gesture made my knees weak.

"Won't...he hear us?" I whispered. I didn't want to be snooped on when he made love to me.

He smirked against my neck. "I switched it off before I came here."

"Did you plan this or something?"

He chuckled softly. The soft tremors of his laughter travelled up my body, awakening a ravenous desire. Unhinging the fantasies I had harboured for so long as my body hardened in response.

I wished I could bottle his laughter and get drunk on it every night. He spoke softly, "No. I was just really mad at you and didn't want Black to know I was telling you off."

"Why...were you mad at me?" I whispered, closing my eyes as he reached for my t-shirt, tugging it off me. He straddled me, gazing down. His eyes were dark, hungry, but tender somehow. I marvelled at the way the sunlight reflected off his skin. Jealous of its closeness to him.

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