Chapter 10

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"Didn't I tell you to leave my fiancé alone?!" A high voice squeaked. I widen my eyes and try to pull away but he just keeps me there.

"Leon." I grumble and elbow him so he'd finally let go.

"Hm? Oh..." He let go. I frowned at him.

"Please forgive me it wasn't my intention to make you upset." I replied calmly.

"Hmph." She crosses her arms and puffed out her cheeks.

"Leonel. May I talk to her alone?" She smiles at him sweetly. He glances at me then to Elisabeth and then to me again.

"But-" He starts before I cut him off.

"Leon just go." I gave him a stern look and I think he got the idea as left. Once he was out of view Elisabeth's expression completely changed.

"Who said you could call him a nickname like Leon?" She glared.

"Um he did." I laughed awkwardly though she wasn't.

"Well don't."


"He's my fiancé. Am I right?"

"Well yeah..." I reply crossing my arms and leaning against the wall.

"So you shouldn't call him by a nickname. People will get the wrong idea." She smiled with an undertone of hostility.

"Noted." I reply curtly.

"And don't go hugging him."

"You know...hate to break it to you, but I didn't hug him. He hugged me." I smiled at him leaning over her shorter form.

"He would never!" She glared staring me in the eye.

"And why would he never?" I ask tilting my head innocently.

"Well because he's in love with me!" She protests stomping her foot.

"Are you sure? Okay then..." I smile. She continues to glare at me before the light bulb in her head lit up.

"Don't try me Jody. I can always tattle to your fiancé." She smiled.

"As if I'm afraid of him." I smile back though with a hint of uncertainty.

"Your hesitation says something different." She smirked. I frowned as she looked behind me.

"Speak of the devil." She laughed.

"Ah I found you my 'dear' fiancé." Dexter said innocently.

"And who is your friend here?" He smiled and asked.

"Elisabeth English, pleased to meet your acquaintance." She said with a bright smile and a curtsey.

"No the pleasure is all mine." He smiled taking her hand and bringing it to his lips. Elisabeth continued to smile even though you could tell she was disgusted.

"You're too kind!" She laughed and gently took her hand back.

"You flatter me. I hope my fiancé wasn't giving you too much trouble?" He smiled and wrapped his arm around my shoulder as I stood stiffly.

"O-oh not at all." She frowns looking at the ground with her watery eyes.

"Jody how dare you?" He laughed sinisterly while squeezing me.

"I don't believe she knows what she's talking about." I mumble.

"Please let me discipline my fiancé Miss Elisabeth." He gave her a smile.

"Oh please don't be too harsh on her! I'm sure she wasn't trying to make me cry! And please just call me Elisabeth!" She says beaming and whipping her eyes. Dexter gives her a nod before dragging me away. As I look back she is still standing there with an innocent smile. She is soon accompanied by Leonel who's expression I couldn't see, but she flung onto him like a little leech.

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