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"I don't know why I let you do this."

I grinned at Scarlett's words, gazing at my phone screen. "You gotta see how fucked up these infidelity laws are. Same sex couples can't file for a divorce based on it."

She sighed, fixing her eyes straight ahead. "Run me through your plan again."

"Flirt a little."

"Of course."

"Possibly get into her pants. Then blackmail."

She sighed again, shaking her head as she gazed at me. "And Grayson knows about this?"

I shook my head, "No. But..it's alright. Anything that gets rid of that bitch."

"Xavier...I don't feel right about this. Why don't you let someone else-?"

"I don't trust anyone. Metaphorically, I'll just be in and out and be done with it," I spoke even as I felt a slight twinge of guilt. I gazed outside the car window at the shack located a few metres away from us. The neon sign spelling 'Jack's Bar' visible against the starless night.

"I... don't think he'll care anyway." I lied.

She sighed, "You don't think he'll have problem with you sleeping with someone else?"

I shrugged. "How does it matter? He knows I love him."

She gazed at me, her eyeballs almost popping out of her head. "There has to be some other way."

"The plan is set," I said. "Just go there. Bring on my fucking A game. Have her be unfaithful or whatever." I sighed, "Like she was ever faithful. I can just blackmail her to file for a divorce on her account. Maybe 'different interests' or something? I'll have to see the legal shit later."

"What will happen when he finds out?"

I sighed, frustrated. "What's the big fucking deal? I've been doing this since forever. He's never had a problem. And, it's not like I'm doing it for fun."

"Xavier," she began, her grey eyes glittering the semi-darkness, "I know you find sex to be the easiest path towards anything but-" she shook her head, "it's different now. You live together. You're committed."

I clenched my jaw and turned my face away from her. I wasn't in the mood for a moral lecture. Not after Grayson had gone to the Eastern precinct that day and got so late that he had to stay there. It was my first night alone at his place and I was bitter at everything.

"I'm doing this for him," I said softly. "I want him completely, Scarlett. I don't care what I have to do in the process."

"She is his wife, Xavier. Do you realize-" she gasped as I opened the door and stepped out, banging it shut behind me. I put my hands in my pocket and started walking towards the bar, an odd sense of déjà vu shrouding me.

I was sick of seeing Gray getting strangled daily by Victoria. I was sick of yearning for a future that was still obscured by her. I never associated my body with my heart. Grayson knew that. I had always been transparent with him about everything. Although, this time, I wasn't so sure. The thought of lying to him killed me.

My heart hammered, the jitters of a new assignment travelling through me. I took a deep breath as I stood in front of the glass door.

Victoria Lockhart. It was time to make my last kill.


Antonio Reznick was questioning his eyes.

He gazed at the dark hair, the striking blue eyes, the sexy, irresistibly beckoning smile, visible even under the flashing lights of the cramped bar.

Mason Waters.
Xavier Easton.

That was the name of man-whore who had ripped his life. Reznick's blood boiled at the sight of the man who had blown apart Atkinson's business. Scarlett Atkinson had wasted no time in dissolving their partnership, leaving Reznick to battle in a drowning business alone. Law in the Harbour City was fucked up. No contracts bound Atkinson Association without the presence of Rosalie. His business was virtually ruined.

All because of one glorified sugar baby.

What was he? Fucking filthy bastard.

He took a sip of the drink in his hand, his hazy vision fixated as Xavier placed his hands suggestively on a woman, smiling flirtatiously. The same way that he had with Reznick. Anger and hatred raged inside him. The man was wickedly good looking with an alluring charisma that had lured him in a like a moth to a flame. It had burnt him and his business to ashes. Made him a laughing stock.

He chugged down the rest of the drink as his anger reached a boiling point. He reached into his breast pocket, feeling the assuring hard, cold metal of his trusty revolver. Xavier Easton was much more trouble than he was worth. He didn't know if he could rebuild the Reznick empire, but he knew he had to avenge its destruction.

He got to his feet, following the now moving couple through the crowd. Xavier's arms encircled around the drunk woman's waist. Reznick vaguely wondered if she was one of his assignments.

Well, he might answer once he had the gun trained on his pretty face.

He was glad he had decided to remain low-key and come to Jack's tonight. He gazed as the entangled figures disappeared down a dark hallway. He took his gun out, holding it securely in his hand as he started following him. Xavier Easton was again where he was. Fate had brought them together. He smirked to himself as he cocked the gun.

It indeed was a small world.


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