twenty-first: fire*

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He waited for me.

He was patient. Just holding me tight. Caressing tenderly. I placed my hand on his chest, feeling the gentle vibrations of his beating heart. Each thump synchronized with mine.

I tilted my face towards him, kissing his jaw. "Gray," I whispered, climbing on top of him and straddling him. He gazed up at me, his eyes glittering under the soft glow of the room. "Make love to me now."

He stroked his thumb on my bottom lip. I licked the tip of it with my tongue. Sensually. His eyes darkened with desire. He smirked slightly, raising an eyebrow. His hand travelled down my body, "Is that an order?"

A plea. A want. A need.

"Yes," I replied breathlessly.

He placed his hand on my face and pulled me to him, kissing me sweetly. "Anything you want, Xavier."

The night transcended in a catastrophic fire that consumed both of us under its ravishing flames. Burning me till I was nothing but blissful ashes.

He turned me around so I was lying flat on my stomach, his body pressing close to mine. His mouth sucking my neck. Biting into my flesh. 

"Fuck..." I gripped the bedsheet hard, losing myself in him as he entered me. He spread my legs apart and grinded inside me. Gyrating. Thrusting. I could feel every inch of him. I was intoxicated. He placed his hand in my hair, knotting into it, pushing my head on the bed and holding me in place. I was trapped in my cell of ecstatic pleasure. I clutched the bedsheets helplessly. Bound.

He brought his mouth close to my ear, biting it hard. I loved how wild, how unapologetically rough he was with me. I surrendered to him, letting him have his way with me. 

I came undone at his touch again and again. Gasping, moaning breathlessly as he pushed me over the edge of paradise. His hand wrapped around me, pulling me so I was on my knees. He put his arm on my neck as I whimpered in the ecstatic pain.

I turned to face him and kissed him hungrily, our tongues entangling. I turned around, holding him close and pushing him on the mattress so I was on top.

I trailed my mouth down his neck, his chest. Hunger gnawing at my insides.

"Let me taste you," I whispered, tracing my tongue along his feverish skin. I growled softly against his chest as he quivered in pleasure. His fingers knotted in my hair, raking my scalp. I gazed up at him, moving lower and lower. His eyes were fixed on me, dark, unwavering- as if entranced. I rolled the condom off and disposed it to the floor, gazing at what I needed the most.

"I've dreamt about your taste for so damn long," I slurred, letting my tongue trace circles on his skin. The animal inside me reared and I wanted to thrust his member deep into my throat and gag on it till he exploded. I wanted to keep going even after he was done. To watch him squirm helplessly.

"Shit..." he moaned softly, his head arching back, his fingers knotted tighter in my hair. I wanted him to pull at it.

I traced my tongue ever so slightly on his member, travelling all along its length. To the base. Back up to the tip and using just my lips to suck softly.

"Fuck...fuck..." His head arched backwards as I sucked harder.

"You're a fucking dream baby..." I whispered hoarsely, taking it deeper into my mouth.

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