100K Read Thank You Short Story: Chapter 3

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Jungkook's POV

Waking up with my omega all bruised in my arms wasn't something I looked forward to ever since I realized how important Jimin was in my life.

Especially when I was the one who did that to his precious body.

With heavy heart, I dragged my body slowly out of the bed, feeling awfully refreshed. Just like how I used to feel every time after Jimin satisfied my rut.

I looked to the door, seeing how his clothes were torn and thrown away there, and could make out the evidence of us having sex by the wall, with some of the stains on the carpet near it.

I lost control again.

Quickly cleaning myself up under the hot shower, I prepared the warm bath for Jimin in the bathtub for the meanwhile.

I searched for any first-aid kit that I might have in the house, and walked back to the bed. To tend to my still sleeping omega.

But first, I need to take him to bath.

"Baby, wake up please," I whispered close to him, leaving soft pecks on his face so that I wouldn't hurt him even further. I didn't want to hurt Jimin more than I had done yesterday.

Jimin's eyes fluttered open at the sound of my voice and the first thing he did when he's awake was smiled beautifully.

"Waking up to see your face feels great, Jungkook" he spoke out with hoarse voice, and I just smiled back - hurt, feeling like my heart was stabbed because of what I had done to his pretty voice.

"Morning, beautiful" I whispered, removing the hair that managed to hide his beautiful eyes from mine.

"Morning," he greeted back, smile never leaving his lips.

"I - I'll be the gentlest I could, but it'll still hurt, I guess. We have to get you to bath, then I'll tend to your bruises with the ointments I found," I stuttered, being slightly nervous to lift him up, because I knew he'll get hurt again.

Nodding to my words with gentle smile, Jimin started to try lifting himself up to be in my arms, and I quickly leaned forward to minimize his movements, wrapping my arms under his knees and supported his back.

Even how gentle I tried to handle him, I still saw how he winced as I lifted him from the bed. Leaving a peck on his forehead, I muttered a small sorry that was immediately replied with a shook and a soft smile from my omega.

"I'll clean you up, okay? Tell me if I hurt you too much," I voiced out my concern, and he just nodded again. Slowly, I placed him inside the filled bathtub, which unfortunately, wasn't scented with his favorite bath bomb. But I filled it up with bubbles, at least I hoped, could make him feel better.

"- kookie," Jimin called out, the first part of my name lost due to his hoarse voice, and I turned to look at his reddening face. He must've felt shy because his voice wasn't working how he'd expected.

I haven't heard that name since forever. Although he called it out accidentally, but it still reminded me of my grandma.

"Did I hurt you too much?" I asked with a small smile, reminiscing the time when she used to yell at me using that nickname all the time. Jimin shook his head at my question and pointed to his throat.

"Can I have some water?" he asked with difficulty, and I almost facepalmed myself for forgetting to give him water as soon as he woke up. I was too busy blaming myself for his bruises that I forgot the essential thing he would need as my mate woke up.

"Sorry, my love. I really forgot. Just wait here and I'll be back in a second," I quickly rinsed my hands and dashed out to the kitchen, fetching a bottle of mineral water and came back to the bathroom.

And the sight of my omega softly blowing all the bubbles in his hands had me soft. I felt like melting into a puddle at how cute and pure he looked.

"Hey baby, I'm back" I spoke out slow, not wanting to take him by surprise while he was playing with the said bubbles.

He turned to look at me with a wide smile, and my heart swelled at his eye-smile.

"Here, let me help you" I approached him and kneeled down beside the bathtub, holding the bottle to his mouth and waited until he had enough.

Jimin tapped my hand with his bubble-filled fingers, and I took the bottle away, placing it on the counter top at the sink.

"Better?" I asked with smile still on my face, not even trying to hide myself for checking out his lips throughout his drinking. He nodded and grinned at my question, but then his cheeks immediately tinted with pink.

Jimin realized my eyes on his lips and blushed even more furiously when I dived in for a soft kiss, tugging on his bottom lip a little after I broke away.

"Now, let's get back to clean you up," I grinned after having my little dose of Jimin's lips, and get back to my task of cleaning my baby up.

The process of cleaning him up, applying ointment on his bruises, and dressing him up went on smoothly after that. Jimin was safely tucked under comforter - it's new, I changed everything with clean sheets and all - and I walked away to the kitchen after he fell back to sleep.

I tried to make pancake.

Note: tried.

And it failed.

I managed to make the mix after my fourth trial, but managed to burn it in the pan. A sound of something fell to the ground reached my ear and I ran out of the kitchen in case something happened to Jimin.

But as soon as I exited the cooking area, I was faced with Jimin seemed to be rushing out with a panic look on his face. I quickly ran to support his body in my arms, knowing that he outdid his strength by moving around in his condition.

"Jimin, what are you doing out of the be-"

"Are you okay?" Jimin worriedly asked, taking my face into his small palms, tilting it to the sides to check for any...wounds?

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