Chapter 13: the one where ex comes and ruins it

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Chris P.O.V

When I went to drop Emily, we kissed so passionately. I saw some different emotions in her eyes. I really like her. And let me tell you I can see that she likes me too. Now I am eagerly waiting her to come back. Thats it.

At night I got video call from Emily.

Emily: Hey wassup? I reached Paris safely.

Me: Good. It must be very late there. Did you eat your dinner in flight?

Emily: Yes father. I ate my dinner. Anymore questions?

Me: No my dear. You should head to sleep now. Sweet dreams.

We hung up.

Following days I was immersed in work like anything. There were few clients whom I needed to dealt with personally so back to back meetings were happening.

But during the whole time I was missing Emily terribly. We facetime each other at night but still. I feel like I want to be with her all the time. Never leave her side. She was going to return day after tommorow.

Suddenly someone entered my cabin. It was her. No not Emily. My ex girlfriend Georgia. What the fuck is she doing here?

"What the fuck are you doing here?" I asked with anger all over my face.

"Baby, no hello no greetings!" On the top of that she had audacity to call me baby. The fuck.

"Just shut the hell up and get out right now. I dont want to talk to you."

"Oh baby, we should forget what happened in college. We should get back together. We would make such a wonderful couple. Dont you think so?" Georgia said.

Georgia and I met in college first day itself. We instantly hit it off. We became best of friends. Soon I found myself asking her out. We began dating. We dated for a year. But after a year she started showing her true colours. She was so rude to me and my family. She started insulting me in front of our friends. And one day I found her with other guy in her room naked. Obviously I ended things with her. I thought I loved her and she loved me back but no it was just a facade and a timepass for her.

"No Georgia. You dont have any fucking place in my life. Get lost before I call the security."

She came towards me. What she did next shocked me. She started kissing me.

"Surpriseee" Familiar voice came from the door.

Emily P.O.V

I was contemplating whether to go in or not. Will Chris like the surprise? Yes I was back from Paris early. And I decided to surprise Chris so came directly to his company.

"Surprisee." I shouted as I opened the door of his cabin.

What I saw in front of me shook me. Chris and some girl were kissing. How could he do this to me? I thought he liked me. But I was wrong. Fuck.

Tears started rolling down my cheeks. Chris pushed that girl away from him, and looked towards me, while that bitch smirked at me.

"Emily I can explain." Chris said raising his hands in air.

"I bet you cant Christopher. You can continue your romantic scene. Good bye." I said with so much hurt.

I was about to leave but Chris grabbed my hand.

"Emily stop. You need to hear me."

"Georgia within a minute get the hell out of my office." Chris shouted.

Ohh so her name is Georgia. She looked like some model with plastic surgery done all over her face and not to forget her fake boobs.

"Bye baby. Will meet again."
With that she left.

"Thankyou Christopher for proving me right. I told you no guy is trustworthy. You proved it yourself."

"Emily just stop. Listen to me and listen to me good. Georgia is my ex girlfriend. We dated for a year in college. But she cheated on me so I broke up. I really dont know where she came today after so many years. I told her to leave but she wouldnt. Then she started kissing me. Before I could stop her you came in. Emily trust me I would never hurt you like this. Please trust me." Chris said in one go, looking clearly frustrated.

One part of me wanted to give in but other said no Emily you cant.

"Why should I trust you? With all I saw moments ago it is very difficult to trust you. You know why did I come to your office as I thought now I should tell you about Liam now that I trust you. But you made it to zero. What should I do tell me?" I screamed.

"Emily you should trust me because I really like you." Chris said it.

"Christopher I need some time. I think we shouldnt meet for some time now. Its better for both of us." I said.

"Fine I am giving you time but get this in your mind that I will never cheat on you Emily." Chris said while coming close towards her.

He came close towards me to hug me  but I pushed him away. I really need some time now.

And I left.


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