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Jungkook's POV

"I'm okay. What do you mean, baby?" I was confused at his sudden worry, but still answered his question.

"I woke up and smelled something burning. I'm afraid that something happened to you," he spoke worriedly, eyes almost glistening with tears.

"Oh gosh, baby. I'm okay, I was just trying to make you pancake, but I burnt it," I cupped his face and pecked his lips for a short while to calm him down.

"Thank goodness, I thought maybe your house is burning or something," he sighed in relief and wrapped his small arms around my waist, burying his face into my chest.

He was actually really panicking.

I could still feel how fast his heart was beating as he hugged me close.

Maybe I should never cook again.

For the sake of preventing Jimin from getting a heart attack.

I rubbed his back to help him calm down and he leant his tired body on mine for support. After lifting him up, I was about to walk and place the precious boy on the couch in the living room, but his request made me halt my steps.

"Can I help you cook?" he tilted his head away from my neck and I looked down to see his cute face.

"But you're hurt?" I asked back, with an eyebrow raised.

"I'll just sit at one spot and help tell you what to do. I'm a great pancake maker, I want to help you make pancake too. Plus, I can't fall back to sleep now and it's very lonely lying on the bed without you. Please?" he pleaded innocently but very cutely - talking quite a lot even with his still hoarse voice - not knowing how much he had affected my heart with his words, and I sighed in defeat.

"Alright, Jimin. But you'll immediately be sent back to bed once I see you trying to move around, okay?"

"Okay!" he agreed excitedly, burying his face back into the crook of my neck as I walked the short trip to the kitchen.

Placing Jimin safely on one of the seats at the kitchen island, I showed him the pancake mix.

"So, first. Is this correct?" I decided to ask for his opinion and his eyes instantly sparkled as he quickly checked the mix. I guessed he really wanted to make sure that I did not accidentally put any poison to our hopefully-going-to-be breakfast.

After a few additions to the mix, I got his green light and tried to start cooking. But again, he stopped me by acting very cutely.

"Please lift me up and place me on the kitchen counter, Mr. Jeon Jungkook. I want to see you cooking," he asked cheerfully, opening his arms wide and waited for me to pick him up like a baby. I chuckled at his baby culture behavior and walked towards Jimin.

"And what do I get in return?" leaning my body downward to meet eyes with the omega, I saw the blush starting to creep on his cheek.

"A peck on the cheek?" he whispered out in shy, and I managed a smirk that I knew could make the omega blush even harder.

"How about a kiss? The french one?" I whispered lowly, eyeing his lips shamelessly with dark eyes. My smirk widened at the now-red face, cheering in my mind at how successful I was in making him red.

I'm an expert in making my omega blush after all.

"A-After you managed to make our breakfast perfectly," he finally stuttered his condition, and I felt my competitive side being brought out.

I've got to make a perfect pancake.

But I failed.


For the tenth time.

Groaning at the sight of my failed attempts, I widened my eyes as I saw Jimin took a piece of the burnt pancake and ate it up.

"Jimin, don't eat that," I frowned, but the boy only giggled while still munching on the pancake.

"It's not that bad, Jungkook, or...can I call you Kookie?" he asked, after taking the orange juice I offered to him to rinse the burnt taste of the pancake down his throat.

"Kookie? Why?" I asked, taking the glass and finished the juice after he handed me back the glass.

"You look very happy when I accidentally called you Kookie earlier. Is it your nickname when you're little?" trying to focus on his question instead of thinking at how seductive he looked as Jimin licked the remaining juice on his lips, I quickly placed the glass inside the sink to divert my eyes.

"Yeah, my grandma was the first one, no, the only one to call me with that name," I answered, deciding to take a moment away from the dangerous omega by washing the glass.

"The person in your album?" I heard him asked.

"That's right. But she's back in Busan now. She said that Seoul's air was too suffocating for her old body," glancing back to Jimin who's sitting cutely on the counter, I saw how he smiled prettily hearing my reply.

"She sounds great. I'd love to see her someday,"

"Sure, of course you can. You're my mate afterall. She's going to love you," I walked back and trapped the omega in between my arms, loving how he shyly looked down when I stared too deep into his eyes, taking in his comforting scent. Jimin placed his hands around my neck, before braving himself to stare back lovingly into my eyes.

"So?" he whispered out suddenly, and I was taken aback a little at his question.

Dang it.

I almost got that sexy lips on mine.

"So what?" I whispered back, confusion evident in my voice.

"Kookie?" he asked, innocently still waiting for my answer.

"Ah yes, sure. Call me Kookie all you want. In fact, call me whatever you want. Even daddy," I whispered out the last word, and finally pulled him into the deep french kiss - the one that I had been thinking all over in my head, which was the actual reason as of why all my pancakes were burnt out - and took Jimin out of his breath.

We took a while to catch our breaths and just stared lovingly into each other's eyes, appreciating the presence of each other.

"I love you, Jimin" I rested my forehead on his, brushing our noses together, wanting to taste him in my mouth again.

"I love you too - but you played dirty. So, no more kisses for today," Jimin giggled, immediately pulling away and cupped his mouth to prevent me from stealing any more kisses.

"No, not that, baby. Anything but that. I'm sorry. I'll do the pancake again?" I pleaded, really feeling mortified at the thought of not being able to have any more of my doses of Jimin's lips for today.

"No," he muffled along with hearty giggles, and I pleaded again, playing along with my beloved omega as I took him in my arms, knowing fully that he'd give in hundred percent after I used my ultimate move on him.

Yes, my omega sure was weak when I showed him my dominance, but he was even weaker if I used my secret weapons. The mighty pout and the holy doe eyes. Plus, my magnificient wolfy-bunny-like smile.

*Laughs evilly*

The end.


Thank you for the 100K reads. Sorry for being quite late in realizing the achievement. You guys are great readers. With many hilarious comments too. I purple you all.

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