Chapter 4 - TSM~Murder Someone (Part 2)

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"When someone steals your heart not even the law can help you." ~Unknown.


After two days at Malhotra Headquarters, NewYork

Siddharth's POV

For the first time in my life, I have been distracted from the business world and thinking of an innocent angel whom I met by coincidence, I have never felt like that before.

Will I ever able to see her again? Will I ever able to listen to her angelic voice? Oh god, this girl is going to be the death of me. I sighed as I ran my hand over my already messy hair.

I was in my own sweet world that I did not notice When did Rishi barge in my office, standing before me and hands crossed near his chest as if studying me.

He cleared his throat for my attention which I reluctantly give him with a scowl on my face.

"Sid, what's wrong dude? Where is my workaholic friend? " Rishi commented while looking at me suspiciously.

I sighed and looked at him then I told him everything that happened at the airport.

"Bro mysterious girl has taken over your thoughts huh? Or maybe she just stole your little heart Sid" He said smirking like an idiot.

"Shut up Rishi! And by the way, if you continue to roam around my office so often, I'm afraid Benerjee will be lockdown Soon." I said so just to divert his attention.

"Oh... believe me my employees are hardworking and dedicated. They don't need to be bossed around." He replied self-satisfied.

"But I have a lot of work." I narrowed my eyes, my index finger pointing towards the piled up files that I have to complete and he let out a huff.

"Fine, I am going! you wounded me!!" He said dramatically, putting his hand on left side chest.

"The door is that way" I pointed, he groaned before stomping out like a child.

"Idiot!" I chuckled inwardly.

You really have taken over my mind Angel. I am not going to admit it in front of Rishi. Otherwise this bastard would never stop annoying me with it.

It's not going to work like this so I should get her out of my mind.

I started my work, putting the thought of that mysterious girl at the back of my head.

While working, I did not know when it was lunchtime. And My personal phone started ringing and I know who can call me, so I picked up after ringing 2-3 times.

"Miss me!!" Rishi voice out enthusiastically.

"Tell me Why did you call!" I said directly.

"Can't I call my only best friend!" he said sadly and I know right now he must have been pouting also.

"If you do not want to talk about anything important, then I am disconnecting the phone!" I said strictly.

"Ok ok.. don't cut the call! I know that you are pissed. So I come straight to the point. The thing is that you have to come to Our favourite restaurant for lunch!" Rishi owned chains of restaurants around the NewYork and I know which one is our favourite restaurant.

"Why?" He knows that I have lots of works piled up.

"Maa was missing you and it's been days that we three hang out. Since you have been distracted, this would be a good way for you to loosen up a bit." He calls my mother Maa because he is like my brother and also he was orphan.

"Oh Maa is also with you then Sure I'll come." With that I hang-up and walked out of my building.

It was already jam-packed, Once I got in the Restaurant. My eyes automatically scanned the area but find no trace of Rishi and Maa at our usual place So I strolled aimlessly in the room with my eyes scanning each guest.

Soon my exploration comes to an end as I spot a familiar face at the back of the restaurant.

This was so ironic... the one person who I have been trying to get out of my mind was just in front of my eyes.

She looked even more beautiful laughing and this guy she's with whose he? Daksh Verma. When I looked at him carefully I came to know who is he. What is she doing with him? Is he her boyfriend? No, it is not possible.

I could feel the burning sensation inside me, my hands unconsciously clenched into a tight fist, my jaw clenched tightly as I felt like killing him. I should be the one there to make her laugh because She is mine.

I was about to walk towards her direction When someone patted my back from behind and I turned back with a scowl on my face to see who the intruder is.

"Whoa Bro! Looks like you intend to murder someone?" Rishi commented amusingly and I gave him a death stare.

"Come on Sid! The usual table and Maa is waiting there" He just brushes it off as He is used to my anger.

"You go, I'm just going to the washroom" I scowled, still infuriated.

"Sure but come fast" He shrugged nonchalantly and walked away.

I averted my eyes to where my woman was but nobody was there. I frantically turned to look all around, but she was not anywhere.

I cursed a lot of profanities as frustration start to bubbling in me then I smirked as I remember something.

I think she really has stolen my little heart. If we have met now then I am sure we'll meet in future also and I am waiting for our next encounter.

You already know what people say about me. So from now SHE Is Mine and I'll make that happen by hook or crook.


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Key Points:
Maa- Mother

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