chapter 14

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Tooba's p.o.v

Beejan was sitting beside Haider. I was standing cross them.
I put all dishes on dining table.
"Oh ho Yar bhabhi serve food quickly here my intestines are going to burst. Tell me one thing first what are you gazing there at door? "
He said raising brow.
I can't tell him that I was waiting for Rehab. Off course I cooked all his favourite dishes.
"OK then go and bring food or else I am going to eat plates now."
"Oh ho haider can't you wait for some moments?"
Beejan scolded him but how can he be haider if he becomes human on someone's scolding.
I rolled my eyes and went to kitchen.
Huh! Nh ana na ay. Atleast jihen bhook lagi hai wo to khain!
I thought and started pouring rice in a tray. Just then I heard his voice from dining room.
"Assalam o alikum."
Beejan and haider replied. I replied too from kitchen which was only hearable to me.
Beejan asked him to go and fresh.

"What my Holy eyes are witnessing?beejan tell me its a lie."
Haider said dramatically rubbing his eyes.
"Shut up Haider! And eat. You were dying to have dinner I guess."
I said rolling my eyes.
"I'm still dying to eat."
"Then stop your drama and eat."
"Beejan can you see? Today we will eat biryani, Qourma, garlic naan, pasta, kheer,fruit rifle in dinner. Is its for real or my hallucination?"
He said putting his hand on his heart.
"Haider you talk too much."
"Beejan leave him you eat."
I sat across them. Just them rehab came and was about to sit beside haider when haider stopped him.
"Stopppp! "
I put on hands on my ears.
"What is this nonsense Haider?"
Rehab asked annoyingly.
I can sense that he was deadly tired from his tone.
His wet hair, which were scattered all over his were proving that he came after taking shower.
"What's this nonsense rehab?"
Rehab asked unknowingly.
"Why are you sitting beside me? As long as I remember you have a wife so go and sit beside her."
Rehab looked at me then back at him.
He was about to grab the same chair again but haider slide that chair back.
"Get lost."
Haider said giving full presentation of his white teeth.
Rehab gave him a glare and sat beside me.
I can feel his aura.
Man! He has such a strong perfume.
"Alright start having your dinner everyone.'
Beejan said and we all took our respective plates.
Rehab when looked at all the dishes,stopped for a moment.
"Is here anything special today?"
Beejan asked.
I was busy in eating biryani. Its beyond delicious.
"Amm! So many dishes for dinner today."
I choked on my biryani.
Lo bhai! Yahan to ksi ko ezzat hi Ras nh!
I thought.
Rehab quickly patted my back and gave me glass of water.
I drank whole glass just in one breath.
Everyone got back to their meal.
I glance at haider and dude he was eating like he haven't ate from ages.
I rolled my eyes.

"OK bro! So I am done. Well man dinner was quite delicious."
He said wiping his hands from tissue.
"Me too. Done!"
Rehab said pouring water in glass.
"First tell me how was dinner?"
Beejan said fondly.
"Yeah! Haider is right. Everything was beyond delicious and mine favourite too."
He said grinning.
"That's because of your wife who cooked all of these by asking beejan about your choice."
And man! Rehab choked on water he was drinking.
I patted his back.
"Why everyone is choking on their food today?"
Haider said dramatically glancing at me and rehab.
We both looked at each other then at Haider, who just shrugged his shoulders.
Rehab stood up wiping his hands.
After washing all the dishes I was going to my room when beejan called me.
"G beejan!"
"Come inside."
I went inside her room.
"Give me your hands."
I stretched my hands in front of her.
"These are for you."
She said sliding golden bangles in my hands. One in right and one in left.
"Oh why beejan? These are of gold?"
"Yeah these are!"
I looked t her surprisingly.
"I can't take these beejan. They are looking so much expensive. "
"You have to! Consider them a gift from your mother-in-law."
"But why?"
"Because you cooked for the very first time after your wedding. I always wanted to give these to Rehab's wife."
"When did you buy them?"
"Years ago! Aren't they beautiful? Don't you like them?"
"No no they are damn beautiful. I like them a lot but I can't take them."
I said stretching my hands back.
"Mm! Beejan I think I am not capable enough of taking care of these. I am so naive."
I said biting my lower lip.
"I don't know anything. These are yours now. Taking care of them is your responsibility."
I nodded and hug her.
She was going back to bed when I stop her.
"Are you sleeping?"
"Yeah! I don't want to see rehab going back again."
My eyes popped out of their socket's. Means Haider idiot didn't tell her.
"Beejan he is not going back today."
"Alright but morning! He will go in morning."
She said with tears in her eyes.
"Beejaaan! Look here ! Here at me! He is going to stay here, with us. He is not going anywhere from onwards."
I said holding her with her shoulders.
She looked at me surprised.
"What did you just say?"
"What you heard! He is staying in front of your eyes. No one is snatching your son away."
"ALLAH tera shukar! "
She started thanking Allah.
I became emotional looking at her. I somehow remembered my mother.
Tears started welling up in my eyes but I blinked them back.
"You? You brought him back?"
I nodded.
She hugged me quickly and then kissed at my forehead.
"Thank you ! Thank you so much!"
"Its OK! Its OK! Beejan."
She kept on crying and giving Duas to me.
"Beejan I unable to breath."
"Ohh sorry."
She left me and we both burst into laughter.
"You go now! He must be waiting."
She said grinning and I nodded.

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