chapter 15

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I will surely recommend you guys to use headphones and listen some romantic songs of Arijit Singh or Atif Aslam with this chapter then you will actually feel the moments below..

Tooba's p.o.v

My breath hitched looking at the sight in front of me.
Mr. Mafia was sitting on bed in his all glory with a shining blue guitar in his hand.
I stood there on door. He didn't notice me.
He cleared his throat and started moving strings of guitar and as a result a deadly melodious tune echoed in room.
I closed my eyes and let the effect took over me.
He started singing too along with tune.
I folded my hands over my chest and leaned on wall.

Tere bin jeena hai esay
Ye dil dharka na ho jsy
Ye ishq hai kya duniya kooo
Hum smjhaein ksy
Aaa dilon ki rahon ma
Hm kuch esa krjain
Ek dujy se bichrey too
Saans liye bin marjain
O khuda bata dy kya lakiro ma likha
O khuda bata dy kya lakiron ma
Hum ny to..
Hum ny to bs ishq hai kiya...

He was playing guitar but stopped suddenly.
I opened my eyes and found him staring at me.
"What? Why did you stop?"
I moved towards sofa in front of bed.
"Just like that!"
He was about to put his guitar in its cover when I stopped him.
"Why are you putting it back?"
"You must be tired nah? My voice will disturb you. So I am not singing anymore."
He said with a sweet smile.
"What if I want you to sing?"
His moving hands stopped and he looked at me shocked.
"What? Why are you so shocked? I am craziest music lover. I can't get over of music."
He rolled his lips in 'oh'.
"Do you sing too?"
He asked me and all my concerts which I used to do  with my cousins flashed in my mind.
I smiled and nodded.
"Let's sing together. What say?"
He said with excitement.
"Yeah why not!"
I said straightening on sofa.
"But I don't know how to play guitar so you will play for you and me too. I will sing only. Agree?"
"Rajr boss."
He said with smile and cleared his throat. I smiled back.
He started plating tune on guitar.
( Bold ones are those lines which tooba is singing and the italic ones are rehabs lines )

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