Chapter 3

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Once we got up to Yoongi's room, he asked

"Do you need anything?"

"No, i have everything in my backpack that I need, including my medication."

"You take medication? How much?"

"Oh i take about 4 pills a day. I don't know what they are, but I do know what they look like and what they're for."

"Cool, be sure to tell everybody in that family meeting Jin hyung was talking about."

"Will do, but for now just so you at least know if i start saying green pill during a panic attack or something AND it has been at least three hours since i last took it get it for me, it calms me down i take one in the morning one at night and as needed. Sorry I'm a mess i know."

"Don't apologize, you are a beautiful human being, sure you have your problems but who doesn't. You are perfect just the way you are no matter what anybody says."

I blush and run over to him and tackle him in a hug while saying

"Thank you for not making me feel like a burden."

"Anytime, cupcake"

"I like cupcake, its cute. Like me?"

"Yes just like you"

He pecked my nose and i blushed he then said

"Go wash up, i'll wait. Okay?"

"Kay, oppa"

Now it was his turn to blush, as I turned and walked into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, took a quick shower, blow dried my hair, and most importantly took my insomnia medication, and a green pill. I changed into my favorite pair of Disney tsum tsum footie pajamas. When i walked out Yoongi's jaw dropped and he spluttered

"Oh my god you're so cute. The others have got to see this. Can I call everyone over?"


Immediately after i said that yoongi was on his phone texting what i assumed to be a group chat. And there was a knock at the door, followed by taehyung yelling

"Were all here, what's the emergency?!?!"

Yoongi opened the door and responded

"Look how cute she is, it should be illegal!"

I stood there looking at all of my boys and blushed, all of their jaws dropped. After they recovered from my apparent cuteness Jimin and Hoseok ran up to me and squished me between them while squealing. The boys looked so fond of me, I felt relieved. I finally had a family, one that wouldn't judge me, or everything I did. Jimin then says

"Hobi hyung, I want to keep her"

"Me too Jimin."

So i decided to mess with all of my boys and skillfully say

"But i already am all of yours"

They stopped squishing me. Looked at each other and absolutely melted. They all looked proud and happy, which in turn made me as happy as could be. Until i remembered a slight problem, I didn't have a phone, therefore I couldn't communicate with them when we were apart. So i said

"Guys? How can i text y'all when you're away if i don't have a phone?"

They all looked at each other until taehyung spoke up

"I will have Sejin get you one tomorrow, I don't want you to ever be in trouble without any way to contact one of us. You are our top priority now and forever."

I ran to him and hugged him. He kissed the top of my head and held me until I let go of him. I then looked and saw jungkook back hugging Jimin and could barely contain my inner fangirl so much that Jin noticed and said

"Iris, feel free to fangirl whenever you like. It's cute. When it's you"

"Really oppa? It won't freak any of you out"

They all responded with a resounding


"Joonie oppa. I have a question."

"Well i probably have a answer Iris"

"Uh how is the media taking your soulmate bonding, and how much longer is the tour? Also what are the rules I have to follow? Do I have to sign a contract? Sorry I have many questions."

"That's fine. And we will go over all of that tomorrow morning at 10:00 am at the meeting with Sejin and Bang pd."

I was getting nervous so jungkook piped up and said

"But don't worry, none of us care about what the media or antis say. We are all happy you're here because now we're complete and you're safe."

"Thank you kookie oppa, that means a lot. I already took my insomnia medication so I'm about to pass out. Can i go to bed?"

Namjoon responded

"Of Course starshine"

Everybody left to go to their own rooms. Namjoon and Jin sharing a room, Hoseok and Jimin sharing a room, and finally the maknaes Jungkook and Taehyung sharing. They all said "goodnight" as they left, and pecked Yoongi goodnight, knowing i wasn't ready for that they gave me a hug. Yoongi then went to the bathroom to wash up himself so I crawled into the queen sized bed, hoping Yoongi would want to cuddle with me. When he came out of the bathroom he was wearing a white t-shirt and some basketball shorts. He got into bed and asked

"Is it okay if we cuddle, if not that's fine i just-"

"Of course it is oppa"

I snuggled closer to him and rested my head on his chest. We soon fell asleep.

A/N: sorry this ones so short, but i feel this is a good length and a good ending spot for this chapter. 

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