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The curly haired boy waited for the new student.

"Hey there Blythe."

The girl tucks in her hair behind her ear.

He gets up from the part green, part wood chair and looks up.

He see's a girl in blue head to toe.
Black hair riding down to her waist.
And on top of everything
A bow.

"Uh- Diana??"

She smiled and grabs the boy's arm.

"Haha! You still remember me!"

He takes her off his arm as she frowns, but quickly keeps up the wicked
smile again.

"Uh- I guess. I didn't really know you, just heard of you."

"Oh! Well we could know each other now! I'm having a party at my house on Friday!!"

She jumps and follows him through the hall.

"Uh- I don't really do parties."

He says as he points to her locker.

I bet Freckles is having fun right now.

Wait- no
why am I thinking of her??

"Aww come on Blythey!!"
The Raven haired girl says as she tries to playfully hit his arm, but the action ends up becoming creepy, at least to the boy.

The fuck- kinda nickname is that?

The boy just leads her to her first period with no response.

The Raven haired girl stops in the middle of her step.

"I heard you and Anne are a thing.."

The boy bolts around at the words.


"Great!! Then you'll come to my party!"



"Wait then you just said yes to going to her party??"

The redhead says with a little giggle as she picks up a shiny can.

"Hey!! It's not my fault! She was like- cornering me into obligatorily going!!"

The boy sits down on the dirty community bench and covers his face from the light.

"I don't like parties."

The redhead laughs and sits down.

"Hey it's ok! If your lucky, she only drag you into spin the bottle AND seven minutes in heaven."

He throws a empty Coke bottle at her.

"Shut up!"

"Oh your getting it now!"

She says as she bends over to grab a bunch of leafs.

He boy quickly runs over to get some himself.

"Take that!"

The redhead throws leafs on the boy, some sticking on his red polyester jacket, and some stuck in his curly hair.

"You better run Freckles!!"

The redhead screams as she runs.

She stops to catch her breath at a oak tree, panting and looking behind her to see if he caught up.


He lightly throws colorful leafs into her hair. Some blending in, and others sticking out.

She looked up from all the leafs.

They both stopped.

They looked into each
other's eyes as if
they had found
eternity in each

Then the redhead broke the stare and started laughing.

"What the fuck was that Dognapper?? It was thrown so lightly too!!"
She broke up in laugher.

"Shut up! Says the one with dead leafs in her hair!"

The boy could feel his smile turn up.

"You have some too!!"

She rolled her eyes and plops herself in the leafs they thrown.

"That was fun."

"It was freckles.."

Shit, why am I feeling this way?

She quickly sat up.

"What's wrong?"
The boy asked, sitting up with her.

"You have leafs all in your hair."
She giggled.

She started to pick leafs out his hair.

"Damn, I got you good."
She spoke as she continued to pick leafs out.

"Fuck, she's beautiful."
He whispered over his breath.

He felt his heart get attacked by his uncontrollable emotions.

She says as she picks the last one out.

"Thank you Freckles."

"Anytime Gil."

He smirked and he got up and reached his hand out for her.

She turned red a bit and took his hand.

"You know what you could do to make up for all those leafs you put in my hair?"

"What Dognapper?"

He turned next to her as they sat down on the bench.

"Come to the party with me."

She frowned.

"Didn't you say you hate parties."

"I would hate it less if you were there."

She turned quickly turned her face away from him.

"Uh- yeah whatever.."


"Yes, just shush and start picking up all the leafs we just spread everywhere."
She chuckled.

"Yes, Freckles."

She's so beautiful.

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