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Third Person POV
"Nicolette," someone called out. Nicolette jolted awake and opened her eyes to clear blue skies and birds chirping. Nicolette looked around frantically for Malcom, but she saw someone else.

"M-mom?" Nicolette whispered. 500 years. It had been 500 years without her mom and dad. "N-no I can't be dead." She sat up quickly and pushed herself up off of the ground.

"Nicolette, you can't be here," Amelia whispered. From the trees, Nicolette saw her dad. He dropped his things and stared at her.

Tears welled up in Amelia and Derek's eyes as they stared at their daughter. Nicolette was frozen in her spot. If she could speak to her parents, she was dead.

"Mom? Dad?" Nicolette cried. She ran into her mom's arms and held her tightly. Derek ran to Nicolette and Amelia and hugged the both of them.

"My mate," Nicolette whispered. "I can't be here I need to get back to him."

"You found your mate?" Amelia sniffed. Nicolette nodded and and cried some more. "Is be nice?"

Nicolette nodded, "Malcom is absolutely perfect. He's D-Denali's child and she's controlling him right now. I need to get out of here."

"Denali Lynch's child?" Derek asked. Nicolette nodded and Amelia held Nicolette's hand. "She's am evil bitch."

"Oh no," Amelia whispered. "Has it been 500 years? It's her vision. Nicolette you're going to wake up in a few minutes and you will need to run. If this is her vision, you will for sure be killed." Nicolette cried as she just stared at her mom. "But you know that already."

Nicolette wiped her tears off as her parents stared at her, but she continued to sob, "He's trapped in his mind. It I can get him out and kill her he'll be free and I'll gladly die."

"You are not going to die, my child," Amelia smiled and wiped Nicolette's tears. "You are a fighter. Her visions are her ideal outcomes. If you can beat her, don't hesitate."

"What about the both of you? Are you all okay?" Nicolette asked. This wasn't much of a reunion, but Nicolette was filled with panic.

When Amelia opened her mouth, a rumble was sent through Nicolette's head. She collapsed to the ground and the bruises from the real world and spirit world was colliding.

"We're fine Nicolette. Right now is not your time, but we'll see each other again. You have grown up to be a beautiful woman. We will be waiting for you when you come back. Enjoy your life and never forget that this power is yours. Do not let anyone take advantage of it," Amelia cried. She pushed Nicolette's hair out of the way as she began to fade. "I love you, Nicolette."

"I love you too, mom and dad."
"Oh good, you're awake!" Denali smiled as Nicolette opened her eyes. Her face was soaked and Malcom was back in the corner watching her aimlessly. "The pitiful army was a bit weak. What's the beta's name? Whatever he was also week."

Nicolette's memories with her mom and dad faded to the back of her mind as she focused on the current situation. If she distracted herself, she won't make it out of this alive. She loved her parents and she wished she could've talked with them longer.

"I restored your energy so that you were at your strongest when I take you power," Denali pointed out. "We will begin now."
Malcom just stood there, watching Nicolette cry. Denali came in after defeating the army he sent to her house. She immediately retook control of him and forced him to watch.

For a few seconds, he could've sworn that she stopped breathing. Nicolette went limp and no more tears fell from her face. Denali sighed and laid a hand on her head.

A green light emitted from her hand and slowly, Nicolette's pale skin began to pink up again. Her chest rose violently, gasping for air and she woke up. Malcom didn't know if she realized it or not, but her eyes were glowing a bright silver.

Malcom wanted to run to her and protect her, but Denali was out of control. He had never seen her use magic for bad. He always believed that she was abused buy his father but it was all an act.

"We will begin now," Denali smiled. She released the chains and Nicolette instantly pounced at her. Malcom didn't want to see his mom die, but he was trapped because of her. Malcom was suffering.

With a fling of her hand, Denali pushed her hand at Nicolette. Nicolette was pinned down to the wall and struggled.

"Do not try and save me," Malcom said through their link. Nicolette scoffed and pulled her hand out of the invisible barrier on top of her.

"You don't get that choice," Nicolette replied before chanting a spell. She would sacrifice her life to make sure he was free from his mother's control.

As light began to shine through the room, Denali's blue light overpowered as she began to take control of Nicolette's magic. It began to seek out of Nicolette. All her magic was escaping her body and forming a humongous ball of flame before Nicolette's eyes.

"Let's begin then."
I'm sorry this took so long >~< I'm almost done with online school and my free time will skyrocket. I'm not really happy with this chapter, but let me know what you think.

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