chapter 16

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Rehab's p.o.v

I opened SoundCloud (music app) and played a song plugging my headphones on.

Music has the power to brighten our mood, reframe our perspective, and turn that frown upside down in no time flat. Music has been my therapy since long time.

“Where words fail, music speaks.” 

  Hans Christian Andersen's words feel so right sometime.

I looked at her sleeping frame on sofa. This had became my habit, looking at her while she is sleeping because this is the time when her ego rests.

Song echoed in my ears and I looked at her more lovingly under the effect of song.

🎵Ma jitna tumhen dekhun,
Dil yh na bharey
Ma jitna tumhen sochun,
Dil ye na bharay
In ankhon ma jhalakta hai
Mera pyar, tera pyar
Kahin tujhmy jhatakta hai Mera pyar, tera pyar

Thora sa mera hai, thora tumhara
Mila jula sa yh khwaab hmara
Ek meethi dhun sunai dy rahi hai aj kl
Hans k saaray ghum hmaray dyga khushiyon ma badal
Tera pyar, mera pyar
Mera pyar, tera pyar

Ma jitna tumhen dekhun,
maan yh na bharey
Ma jitna tumhen sochun,
maan ye na bharay🎵

(The more I look at you
My heart doesn't get enough
The more I think of you
My heart doesn't get enough
In these eyes shine
Your love, my love!
Somewhere in you sparkles
Your love, my love!

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