9. Revelations of the Past

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I was stunned.

Honestly, I couldn't even remember how I left Albus's office. I was in a daze, my mind still puzzling over that tiny bit of information that the Headmaster had pitied to give me.

And yet, it changed everything.

Lily Evans.


How could that be? It was as if suddenly nothing made sense. And, at the same time, I realized that it actually did make sense. My mind seemed to be simply refusing to accept what was right in front of me. Harry's mother. Mother. James Potter's wife.

My feet were wandering the empty hallways, and I was vaguely aware of the thrumming of voices in the Great Hall, somewhere. The Sorting Ceremony must be well under way now. And I couldn't have cared less.

Without any specific purpose, my feet kept walking. One foot in front of the other. Left, right.... Left, Right.... Could it really be? Was Albus being truthful? I shook my head. Dumbledore had no reason to lie. But then...what did that imply? What did it entail? Severus....did he...?

....Love her?

The possibility was almost too painful to consider. But I had to know....right? I had gone demanding answers, and now that I had them, I realized just how dangerous that knowledge was. It had, most likely, the possibility of destroying me. Dramatic, I know, but the truth nevertheless. 

Because, apparently, even in death Lily Evans had a stronger hold over Severus Snape than I ever had in life.....

Could it really be true? Did Severus love Lily so deeply that even after all these years, he would be willing to risk everything in her name? Her memory?

It was also now that certain things started to make more sense. If Severus did indeed loved Lily, it would explain his hatred towards Harry. He would have seen James Potter as the guy who took the girl he cared about. And Remus and Sirius were, in extension, part of the group that distanced him from Lily. It definitely explained certain things, although the level of hatred he showed towards them was definitely something I had some questions and doubts about.

And it explained why Severus now lived a life as a double-agent for Dumbledore. Voldemort was directly responsible for her death. And if there was ever any way to make someone have a change of heart and switch sides, it was losing a loved one. But then, why had he joined the Dark lord in the beginning? And how had he come to know Lily Evans? When had he fallen in love with her? If memory served me correctly, Lily Evans had been a Gryffindor, and had started up her relationship with James somewhere in her last couple of years at Hogwarts.... Where had Severus and Lily met? How come the whole "Gryffindor and Slytherin hate each-other" didn't seem to apply here?

There were still so many questions, so many answers I needed before I would be able to put this to rest. This whole story was full of inconsistencies s and incongruities that had my mind whirling with doubts and questions.

Again I wondered about my current situation. I had to find out more. Asking Severus was obviously out of the question. If we couldn't even comunicate with him about something as silly as the weather, how could I ask him about the love of his life? ...By Merlin, why did it hurt so much to think of Lily Evans as  the love of his life?.....When we fought after talking more than five words to each-other, I couldn't exactly expect him to open up about something like this, now could I?

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