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I woke up to the sound of beeping and my head pounding with pain. I groaned and sat up, only to find myself if a hospital room. The bright lights blinds me as I squint to see my surroundings.

My gaze fell to my hand, which was gripped tightly by another. My eyes trailed up the arm and onto his face. His lips were formed into a frown and he had tear stains on his cheeks.

Oh those cheeks. They looked wet but still soft as ever.

My breath hitched when he moved slightly and I froze so that I wouldn't wake him up. His frown grew and my heart dropped knowing I was the reason behind his sorrow.

I placed my free hand into his soft brown hair, gently brushing my fingers through it. My entire body filled with regret as I replayed the memories that happened last.

He quit BTS. He quit because of me.

My eyes filled with tears and I bit my lip to hold back the sobs that threatened to escape me.

"I'm so sorry...I'm so sorry I messed up your life. I'm so sorry that I'm the reason behind you quitting. I'm sorry I made you unhappy." I whispered, still playing with his hair.

"I'm sorry that I'm the reason why your beautiful smile has been replaced by a frown. You never deserved this. You deserve to be happy, but I took that away." Warm tears made their way down my cheeks and I laughed slightly.

"Yet here you are, still fearing for my life and taking care of me. I don't deserve you, not one bit. Your heart is too pure for this world, and my stupid self shattered it." I tighten my grip on his hand, letting all the tears out.

I closed my eyes and just sat there, letting the guilt get the best of me, not even noticing that he had woken up and now stared at me with soft eyes.

"Y/n, things happen for a reason. It's not your fault," he sighed. "Maybe I'm not destined to be a member of BTS."

I gasped. This man did NOT just say that.

"Are you crazy? It IS my fault and you have every right to blame me. I should have never let Jimin get to me. You are destined to be a member of BTS because without you, there is no BTS. Imagine how your fans would feel when they found out you quit. They'd be heartbroken. Imagine how your bandmembers feel! The pain they must be going through right now is probably immense." I cupped his face.

"Go back to them, Hoseok. The love you and need you. Don't let them down like I did you. Go be who you're ment to be. Jung Hoseok of BTS, member of the biggest boy band in the world."

His eyes widen and the faintest blush made it's way into his adorable cheeks. Tears made their way back to his eyes and drew lines down his face as they fell.

"Y/n.." he whispered, taking my hands.

I cocked my head to the side and stared at him confused. "Yeah? Are you okay?"

He leaned in and kissed that bandage that was wrapped around my head, stroking the back of my hands with his thumbs. After a moment he pulled away and leaned in to kiss my nose.

"You've hurt me, you know that right?"

That sentence caused my heart to throb more than my head at this point. I bit my lip and avoided eye contact with him because I know if I looked into his eyes, I wouldn't be able to hold my tears back any longer.

"Yeah, I know." I whispered, barely audible.

His gaze softened and he let go of one of my hands to caress my cheek, turning my head to face him. I looked him in the eyes and let my tears fall.

I hurt him so much, and yet he still cares for me.

No one in the world is good enough for Jung Hoseok.

"You did hurt me, but you know what Y/n? I still love you with all of my very being. People fight all the time, it's normal. And it's not your fault because Jimin should have known better. And the fact that you convinced me to join BTS again shows how much you care about me and the others." He smiled, his dimples making an appearance.

My eyes widen as a smile grew onto my face. "I convinced you? You're going back to BTS?"

He nodded his head, a smile overtaking the both of us. He leaned in and placed a delicate kiss on my lips, pulling away slightly. That little peck wasn't enough for me so I pulled him back, capturing his lips once again.

After a few moments I pulled away to tell him something.

"Hobi," I mumbled. "I love you so much."

"Who, me?" He chuckled, leaning back in to kiss me once more. He tilted his head to the side to deepen it, caressing my face gently.

I had thought I lost the man I loved with all my heart, but in reality, he was here by my side all along.

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