Chapter 7

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When I awake it's to hushed voices, and I immediately notice I'm clinging to hobi, not Jin. Noticing my confusion he says

"we passed you around cause we got jealous"

"awe that's cute, but I'd like to swim now, maybe a few laps. Anybody up for a race?"

The maknae line jumps at the mention of a race, so we all line up on the left side of the pool. Namjoon counts us off





and we're off. I calm my breathing and take it stroke by stroke. I decide to swim freestyle, using mostly my leg strength to propel me forward. My arms start moving on their own used to the burn. I grab onto yoongi at the other side of the pool and turn around to see the boys ¾ of the way here. I laugh. Once they make it here Jin speaks up

"iris you do realize you just swam the length of a pool in 40 seconds right?"

"oh I must have still been drowsy. With this size of pool I should be able to get anywhere in 20 seconds at most."

Hoseok: 'AT MOST?!?!"

jimin: "so out of curiosity, why 20 seconds?"

iris: "well because of my training of course"

yoongi: "what training?"

iris: "oh haven't I mentioned I'm a lifeguard. I love the job, maybe I can get certified in Korea? Do you think I could?"

joonie: "I'll see, I think you could. It would also put us at ease to have somebody trained like that with us so I don't see why sejin would say no."

Seokjin: "especially with Mr.god of destruction around"

iris: "I mean if he needs any proof. I could get any of you off the bottom of this pool if I had a rescue tube. I could probably get jimin or yoongi without. Now I'm curious."

yoongi: "well I want to see you get jiminie off the bottom, you do realize the height difference right?"


namjoon: "sejin is on his way he wants to see this"

Once sejin arrives I give Jimin rules. 1. If he runs out of breath before I get to him he must resurface. And 2. don't try to help me. He swims out to the middle of the pool. While he's swimming sejin hands me a rescue tube, that will make this much easier. 

With the strap around my torso I go into my lifeguard mode and the second he goes under I'm performing a compact jump into the water, with my knees to my chest. I release the tube once i make contact with the water and let it drag behind me preparing for a surface dive.I come up for one big breath of air before I dive down, I open my eyes and I see him at the bottom. I come up behind him and put one arm under his arm and across his muscular chest and I start threading the rope attaching me to the tube between my hands bringing us to the surface. Once we break the surface I push the rescue tube under his back and secure my arm across his chest while I pull us to the side of the pool. Once we get there and jimin has climbed out of the pool everybody cheers. I soon realize that even Bang PD came to see. He says

"iris, I would love to hire you as BTS' first aid and lifeguard. We will pay for your certification and any supplies you want and need including a uniform swimsuit for when you're life-guarding. Do you accept my offer?

I look over to my soulmates who nod encouraging me to say yes so I do

"yes I would love to"

I put my hands on the side of the pool and push my body up enough that I can put one foot on the side of the pool and pull myself out. I walk over to where my towel is, wapping it tightly around my body. I look up to see all of my boys blushing. I tilt my head and say

"What, I didn't do anything? Did I?"

Tae: "You sure about that petal?"

Hoseok: "I say you're a vixen."

Hearing mumbles of agreement I think back. I didn't do anything I'm confused until I looked down. I squeak and turn around. In the process of "saving" Jimin my swimsuit came unzipped just enough to show my cleavage. I quickly zipp it up to avoid it lowering any further and slowly turn around and jungkook daringly speaks up

"So um that was um nevermind I can't speak"

I walk over to my little bunny boy and pat his head. Then I remember due to this little situation that I only have one bra cause my size is so hard to find. My parents refused to buy such expensive bras, and I couldn't afford them myself. I speak my concerns and Jin immediately takes on his mother mode, while Tae comforts my now saddened figure. Jin says

"That won't do, I'll order some to be shipped to our hotel room in New York, and we can get you some you actually like when we get there okay? So what size are you, I can't let my sweetie be deprived of something she needs."

I mumble a reply

Namjoon: "what was that"

I mumble a bit louder, yoongi sensing the problem.

Yoongi: "Don't be embarrassed, we're your soulmates. We won't judge you for anything especially this okay?"

I reply

"Okay, um I'm a 34 DDD"

Their jaws drop so i continue

"I know i don't look it, The only bra I have is a B cup cause that's what i was a year ago. I'm eighteen. I'm still growing sadly. I just hate my size. I wish i was smaller, but at the same time i've grown comfortable with it."

The boys soon get over their stupor and assure me that they don't care about my size and that they like me just as I am. None of them even look down, assuring me that they like me for me. After we all dry off we all head back to our hotel rooms, this time I decide to follow Namjoon, while Jin takes my place with Yoongi. When we get to the room he lets me shower first. So I hop in what would soon become a nightmare.

A/N: Hope you enjoyed! What could this nightmare of a shower be?

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