Chapter 5 - SURPRISE

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Quote of the day: "Smile, it's free therapy."

Cover Pic: Hritika's stilettos.


Hritika's POV

Today I am going to give the first interview of my life, So here I am standing in front of a tall magnificent glittering glass building with nicely done metal lettering 'Malhotra Headquarters' just above the grand entrance door.

Suddenly I rubbed my clammy hand on the back of my skirt, Right now I am feeling so much nervousness and there is this fluttering feeling deep inside my stomach.

What if I don't get the job?

After taking a deep breath I compose myself, I held my head high with confidence and enter the building, then I was greeted by a beautiful red-head lady in her mid-twenties, looking glorious in her fine-looking suit is standing behind the grey long curve stone reception desk.

"Good morning! How may I help you, Miss?" She smiled at me politely.

"Good Morning! My name is Hritika Singh Shekhawat-" I started introducing myself.

"I am here for the job interview" I explained with a smile on my face.

"Hold on a second! I'll check it on the system. By the way, call me Amelia or Lia!" She started typing something on the computer keyboard.

"24th floor, first door to your left and best of luck, have a great day ahead." She looked up, smiled brightly at me and give me a thumb up.

"Thank you!" I started walking towards the elevator wings. The elevators was very crowded and by the time I reached there the elevators, doors were closed. Then I saw an elevator that was last and empty. Empty?

So I went into it without any thought. Before going to that empty lift, the security guard in front of it hesitate by looking at me but once after looking in front gave me a small tight smile.

I press the 24th floor. I am wearing a nude colour tank top with a black jacket, a maroon colour high waisted pencil skirt and Stiletto that I would hate for someone look at my shoes and say 'Oh my God! that looks comfortable."

I was busy looking at my attire if I am looking professional enough, When Suddenly someone enters inside the elevator and I can feel his gaze

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I was busy looking at my attire if I am looking professional enough, When Suddenly someone enters inside the elevator and I can feel his gaze.

For a moment my eyes landed on him after moving my gaze from him to the front closed door, in confusion I suddenly swivelled towards him with my eyes as big as a button in utter surprise and saw those blue eyes staring at me with an emotion that I couldn't quite decipher.

Oh, lord! It's him!

The handsome stranger on whom I spilt my hot coffee at the airport.

Why is he here?

He is not following me to take revenge on me? Is he?

'Of course not, why will he come from India to the US only for you? It's not like you are some sort of angel! It is obvious that he must be working here.' Shouted my annoying voice.

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