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"LEAVE IT TO Sam to buy a whole fucking house because nothing in Holden Bay has vacancy

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"LEAVE IT TO Sam to buy a whole fucking house because nothing in Holden Bay has vacancy." I scoff while walking around the empty room. I fold my arms as I stroll passed a pair of french white doors, left open onto a wooden balcony that leads down to the sand of the beach. 

Vera shrugs while leaning on the door frame and looks out at the ocean, "It was only seven million, Hayden." 

"Only?!"  Penn and I burst at the same time. Penn was across the room, staring into the ensuite as Vera frowns like it's not that big of a deal. 

I put my hands up in defeat, "Rich people terrify me." 

"It'll be like our own little holiday home. For all of us." Vera smiles softly as Penn walks back into the room, "It's only a couple streets down from David and Andrea's and it has more the enough bedrooms for all of us and our children. Even if Levi and Hayley decide to produce their own adorable little devil spawns." 

"You really think they'll make it?" I questions with an excited grin. 

"It's like they were made for each other." Vera nods with a confident smirk, "A psychopath and a sociopath, what's a better match right? But I could see both of them having kids together. Did you see how gentle they were with Stella?" 

"I know. I've never seen Levi with a child he's not want to set on fire before." I scoff while Vera and Penn laugh in response despite the fact that Levi would genuinely light up an annoying kid's ass if they piss him off. 

Suddenly, Noah sprints into the room and almost slips on the wooden floorboards. 

"Penny!" Noah shouts while panting profusely, "This place has a fucking indoor hot tub."

Penn gasps, "Now way! Show me." 

Vera and I giggle as Noah grabs Penn's hand and basically yeets both of them from the room. I fold my arms and rest my bicep against the door frame, my gaze on the ocean as a light breeze wraps around my bare legs. 

It had been three days since Stella came rushing into this world and Vera was finally released from the hospital today. We all came over here to help with setting up their bedroom and Stella's new cot. Levi and Chase were currently upstairs doing that right now. 

Noah was too busy exploring the house and Sam was frozen on the couch with Stella in his arms, too afraid to move since he just got her to sleep. 

It was nice to feel the heat again and after a lengthy swim in the ocean this morning with Penn, I through a dark green sundress over my bikini and jumped in the car. I didn't even have any shoes, not that it was a big deal. Bare feet is basically part of the uniform here in Holden Bay. 

"So..." Vera trails off as I glance at her, "Are we just going to pretend that you and Chase have been avoiding each other all day?" 

"What? We haven't been avoiding each other. Just before I said sorry for shutting the trunk door on his head." I explain as I gesture to the front of the house. 

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