chapter 18

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First of all Ramadan Mubarak to all my janans!!

"O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous." -Quran

Try to make this Ramadan a turning point in your life. Break free from the deceptions of this world and indulge in the sweetness of Eman.

Ramadan is about breaking bad habits, not putting them on pause.

May Allah for the sake of this blissful month take away all our problems and shower his blessings upon us!

amadan Mubarak again!!

Happy reading beautifuls...

Third person's p.o.v

Haider's phone rang and he ran towards it, so that tooba could not wake.

Yusha calling...

He looked at caller I'd.
"Hello bro!"
"Yeah Haider! I have a news for you."
Yusha said from other side.
"Good one or bad? Well I prefer good cause I am no condition of listening bad one."
Haider said and yusha smiled.
"Man you are laughing? Its 10 in morning and still we dont know a bit about him."
"OK sorry. Tell me about tooba."
"Yeah! Tooba is still sleeping. I guess effect of medicines. "
"Hmm! So the news is I called in our headquarters and guess what they told me?"
"That our Alpha-team is also not present."
"So.. It means that idiot Rehab took them with him."
"Ohh.. But Yusha can't he tell us what's bothering him? Any do Zara esy to ma btaunga!"
"Now we don't have to worry about him. He had gone with complete preparation. Our Alpha team has best men!"
"Yeah! We all can understand this what about bhabhi?"
"Tell her to be brave. He will come in 2 or 3 days on his own."
Haider said and cut the call.
A smile crept on his lips thinking about his cunning friend.
He heard Tooba's voice and ran towards her.

Third person's p.o.v

Sky was watching his bloodshot eyes.
Earth was witnessing his roaring voice.
He, who was walking forward like a lion without any fear.
"Positions everyone. On count of 3 everybody has to fire!!"
He pressed his Bluetooth which was situated on his left ear.
"Roger boss."
Reply came from other side.
He loaded his gun.
He was wearing black shirt with black jeans. Hands were covered by black gloves.
Eyes had black shades on.
He stopped in front of a haunting banglow.
He kicked the front door and made his way ahead.
"So here is our lion!!"
Voice came and his head snapped towards it.
There he saw HIM sitting on a huge sofa with his men behind.
"Hmm! I can see that you came with only a gun. This nush trust on me!!"
He said faking smile.
"I don't need a weapon. I am the one!!"
Rehab said while smirking.
"Ahan! I am impressed!"
"Cut the crap! Just come to the point. Why did you call me?"
"Aahan! My dear ameer why are you so eager? Huh?"
"Its Rehab Zaid Ameer khan!!"
"Yeah yeah! Whatever!"
"Look Zaroon..."
"Its Zaroon khan!!"
"Yeah yeah! Whatever."
He said with bitterness in his tone.
"Come. Sit."
Zaroon signalled towards sofa and after thinking for about a moment Rehab sat on it.
Zaroon seem to be unnoticed about Rehab's Bluetooth.
"Well Rehab first of all congratulations for your wedding. I surely want to meet my BHABHI."
And Rehab threw glass placed on table.
"Don't you dare to take her name from your filthy mouth. Understand!!"
Rehab clenched his collar with full rage.

"OK OK sorry!"
Zaroon raised his hands in surrender.
"Look Rehab I called you here not to fight but to make a new bond between us."
"And what's that?"
Rehab raised his brow.
Rehab faked laugh.
"You and me? You want us to be friends? Its not April Zaroon. Stop with your these pranks already."
"Trust me. Its not a joke."
"And why would I do that so?"
"Listen man! Can't you put your ago aside for sometime? Look you and me! The most horrified gang leaders having many enemies if shake hands then we can easily rule the Mafia world."
"Look zarr..."
Rehab was cut between by a gun shot.
Rehab shouted but all in vain, that bullet already made its way towards Zaroon's arm.
Zaroon yelled in pain.
Rehan shouted on his lungs and sat down to Zaroon's level and put his handkerchief on his wound.
Zaroon's men started firing while Rehab's alpha team came forward.
Zaroon's own men were trying to shoot him but alpha team was blocking their way.
With the snap on fingers, Zaroon's all men were lying on floor.
"Good job. You all wait outside and I am coming with him."
Everyone nodded and left the banglow.
"Thank you Rehab!"
Zaroon said half groaning.
Rehab nodded. He was about to lift Zaroon up when he saw one of Zaroon's bulky was alive.
He took a remote and was about to press a button when Rehab attacked on him like a lion but that man didn't leave remote.
"Tum dono marogy. Dono marogyyy!!"
With that said he pressed the button.
Aloud noise of bomb blast was heard by people living even on the distance of miles from there.

Air was filled was smoke and fire.
Nothing remained clear.
Everyone's vision blurred.
Banglow was now under the leadership of fire.
Zaroon whinced in pain. While Rehab closed his eyes with the smiling face of his wife in them.

No more conspiracies!!

No more tensions!!

No more existence!

No more lives!!


Assalam o alikum janans!!
Nothing more to say😁
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