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Morning came faster than expected.

Zane awoke with the smell of vanilla and liquor invading his nostrils. An interesting combo indeed. He forced his eyes open and squinted from the bright sunlight covering the room. He tried to get up, but he was held down by the arm around him that belonged to someone.

Oh, that's right.

"Travis." Zane called out, trying again to get up only to fail when Travis held him closer.

"Motherfucker." Zane sighed.

"I have fucked no mothers." Travis sleepily groans out. He kissed Zane's forehead before releasing his hold. Zane slowly sat up and looked back down to Travis, who had just barely opened his eyes. 

Although the night before seemed like a dream to both males, they were glad it was real. They were glad the feelings they share for each other are real.

"I can't believe I slept in a hoodie." Travis said as he sat up and fixed his twisted hoodie. Zane's mind sparked with an idea.

"You should take it off." He said, surprising himself with how fast he said it. Travis looked at him then smirked, knowing why Zane said it. He slowly started unzipping the green hoodie and watched how Zane's eyes eagerly followed the zipper. Travis rid himself of the hoodie and Zane held his breath. His muscle kink resurfaced for the first time in years as well as a newfound tattoo kink. Zane's eyes studied the tatted arms with fascination, then his glance moved towards the black shirt covering Travis' chest and torso. 

"I suppose you want me to take my shirt off too, huh?" Travis chuckled. Zane nodded, not trusting his vocal cords. Fearing that if he talked, he'd make an unsightly noise. Travis reached for the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head.

It took five seconds before Zane pounced on Travis. Travis fell back onto the bed and Zane was on top of him. 

Travis can't get a word out before Zane's lips attacked his. Zane's hands roamed Travis' arms with a foreign fire coursing through his veins. The taller male was shocked at Zane's forwardness, but he should be used to it by now. Though this was the first time witnessing it in person.

"You're ridiculously hot." Zane mumbled against Travis' lips. Travis' breath hitched as his hands clutched the back of Zane's thighs. 

"Zane." Travis said. Zane hummed while kissing Travis' jaw.

"I want to spend so much money on you." He confessed.

"Pfft-" Zane made a sound of laughter and poorly tried to conceal it. He sat up, fully sitting on Travis' lap.

"Don't laugh." Tavis whined. 

"I just want to spoil my boyfriend today. I've been lacking as a sugar daddy." He looked at Zane on his lap. 

'Definitely a view I could get used to.' He thought as he rested his hands on Zane's hips

"Really? You sure you don't wanna stay here for the day?" Zane said through a smile.

"Oh, I want to. But if we continue, I'm probably going to do something I didn't plan on doing until a bit later into the relationship" He tightened his grip and lightly thrusted his hips for emphasis. Zane's smile turned into a smirk.

"I have no problem with that." Zane said, rolling his hip slightly. Travis chuckled and pulled Zane down for a hug. 

"Some other time, babe. Right now I want to buy you a whole galaxy." Travis said before kissing Zane's neck. Zane giggled before feeling a sneaky hand slide up his thigh and under his skirt. He let out an exaggerated gasp before slapping the sly hand.

"You fucking pervert!" Zane exclaimed.

"Says the one who was literally drooling over my body just a few minutes ago." Travis' hand gripped Zane's pale skin.


"Aphmau, Travis and I are going shopping! You're gonna be okay here, right?" Zane said, nearing the door to the outside.

"Yeah. Have fun. Not too much fun!" Aphmau warned and pointed her finger at the two. Zane decided that he would ask about the multiple hickeys on her neck and collarbone later.

"And remember Zane, since we're besties, I get rights on any clothes I deem wearable for me. What's yours is mine~." She said.

"I know, I know."


Zane and Travis entered the mall.

"You don't have a limit, okay? So anything you want, you can have." Travis said. Zane's eyes sparkled with excitement.


The first store they entered was a clothing one. Zane saw this as an opportunity to get more gothic clothes. Gothic had always been Zane's preferable style.

Travis was smiling as he observed Zane's excitement while browsing through various items and asking Travis if he'd look good in them (and Travis says yes to every choice).

Zane ended up picking up a whole pile of clothes and bringing it to the dressing rooms. That made Travis smile even wider because now he knows, he's going to get a full-on fashion show from the Instagram model himself, the babyboy.


The first outfit Zane came out in was absolutely breathtaking.

A tight, long sleeve black crop top and a black skirt that seemed a bit too short.

"So?" Zane asked, twirling for the man in front of him. 

"Beautiful." Travis spoke without thinking, though he'd probably say something like that anyway. Zane noticed the look on Travis' face.

"Calm down, daddy. This look is basic. Just wait for the next ones." Zane winked before returning to the dressing room. Travis let out a quiet sigh at the way Zane called him daddy.

The next outfit was even more fuel for Travis' dirty mind.

Shorts that clung to Zane's thighs, fishnets that went up to his stomach, an over-sized shirt that almost covered the shorts, and a basic black choker.

Travis nearly died. He's really glad this is what he was spending his money on.

"What do you think?" Zane asked, teasingly. Travis walked over to Zane with a lustful look on his face. Before he could do anything, Zane retreated back into the dressing room.

"No touching, daddy~."

After many torturous outfits, Zane decided on getting everything and Travis was ecstatic.

The two went into many stores (and passing a sex store, Zane gave a suggestive look). Then Zane dragged Travis into a lingerie store. Zane didn't have to try on anything to make sure it would fit him, but Travis couldn't help but imagine how Zane would look in such lacy undergarments.

"Anything else you want?" Travis said to Zane. Zane thought for a second.

"Just a kiss." He said with a smile. Travis chuckled.

"You could get that for free though." He said before placing a kiss on Zane's lips. 

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