Chapter Six

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Katie sat back on her hind legs, shook a little and then leaped up onto the counter. She nuzzled her head into Leigh's arm and instinctively Leigh stroked her hand lovingly through her cat's fur. Usually she wouldn't allow her pet up on the counter but that morning she couldn't really find it in herself to care. She closed her eyes trying to lessen the throbbing pain in her head from the hangover she wished she didn't have. But that was the price she knew you have to pay for being a reckless alcohol consumer who started their journey at eight o'clock, way before anyone else.

As Leigh caressed the cat's fur and found her hand being push against wanting more attention she crouched a little and patted her shoulder. In understanding, Katie repeated the same action she did to jump up to the counter and perched herself onto her owner's shoulders. It took a quick second for the cat to get comfortable but she quickly settled laying like a neck pillow around Leigh's neck. She reminded herself to clean the counter a little later because she was feeling too lazy that morning to do it. It was a Sunday and that was her day of rest- the bible specifically named it so- and it was fine by her. Katie began to lick her ear reminding her that she needed attention- to which Leigh obliged. Petting her beautiful black and white cat was a reminder of where she'd come from- that was why she'd named her five month old pet after the character she played in 'At The Top'. Leigh wanted a reminder of where she'd come from and how she got there even though she knew that was something she would never forget. She didn't need the reminder though, she needed that constant factor in her life to connect her to her past. But it wasn't to connect her to her past working on the show, it was to connect her to the first audition she went on for the part of Katie- that day was special to her and it wasn't because she was potentially going to get a role in a major show because truth be told, she knew nothing about acting. It was the fact that if they picked her, they'd be picking her theme song to go along with it and for an eighteen year old girl wanting a music career, that was more than she could have ever asked for.

Leigh filled the coffee machine with beans and water and waited for the substance to filter through. As she watched each drip hit the bottom of the jug she became fascinated with the small waves created. It was something she'd never watched before, and it could have been because of her hungover mind that it was so interesting but Leigh could hear a rhythm in her mind- it was inspiration. Quickly she scooped up her phone from the counter, accessed the voice notes and began to hum the tune she could hear in her mind. Once titling it idea #47 and saving it Leigh poured two cups of steaming coffee into two mugs and headed into the living room where her soon-to-be house mate was sleeping on the couch. When she finally emerged from the kitchen she was stunned to see Ali sitting up with the blankets folded neatly and put to the side. She had seemingly run her fingers through her hair and wiped away any of her smudged makeup from the night before. She was staring at her phone, her mouth slightly open and her features frozen. Leigh placed a steaming mug onto the table without a word. There was something wrong but she couldn't put her finger on it.

"Y-you're..." Ali stuttered her first words that morning.

Leigh's brows furrowed in confusion as she seated herself on the couch opposite Ali who was still frozen in her movements. Leigh lifted her feet up onto the chair and tucked them underneath her. Her sleeves of the over-sized hoodie she was wearing were wrapped around her mug of coffee and she took a sip. She clicked the button on the remote which turned the tv on to give some background noise to the awkwardness that was present that moment.

"You're..." Ali repeated again but still couldn't seem to force the words out. Instead, she looked up from her phone at the woman sitting in front of her and then carefully slid her phone onto the table. The internet search was in full view and the Wikipedia page of Leigh Danvers was front and centre. She knew the truth of her identity would come out sooner or later but she hadn't expected it to happen this soon- before Ali had even signed- and now Leigh realised this could literally make or break their agreement.

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