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I QUIETLY SHUFFLE through the gap of the door and into the bedroom

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I QUIETLY SHUFFLE through the gap of the door and into the bedroom. The golden afternoon sun slanted through the large open windows and the white sheer curtains floated in the breeze. I could hear the ocean waves in the background and I really wanted to go swimming even though I just spent the past five hours doing exactly that. 

We had gotten back from the beach about an hour ago and while I helped Noah and Michael build their LEGO princess castle, Chase disappeared. I assumed he was tired and these calculations were correct when I stepped into my bedroom. 

He was lying on his stomach, his face was smooshed and he was hugging a pillow close to his chest. I can't help but pout as I glance at him because he was just too cute. 

I tip toe across the room and plug my phone into the charger by the nightstand as it was almost dead. Except, I wasn't as quiet as I thought I was in my head because Chase stirs from his sleep just as I plug my phone in. 

"Hi." He mumbles groggily as I glance up to see him rubbing his eye. He had a dazed grin on his face and I wanted to kiss him so bad. 

"Hello sleeping beauty." I smirk as I raise from my crouched position and perch on the edge of the mattress. I rest my forearm on his thigh and rest against his legs. 

Chase glances around the room, "Shit, how long was I out?" 

"About an hour." I shrug indifferently, "Sleep well?" 

"Mhmm." He nods as he grabs my hand and slips his fingers through mine, "I didn't sleep that much last night." 

I roll my eyes with a scoff, "And who's fault was that?"

"Yours." Chase smirks as he pulls me towards him by my hand. My other hand comes up and rests just above his head, keeping me hovering above him as my hair falls forward like a curtain and our faces, "For being so damn sexy."

"Well, if that's my crime, your crime is being too damn cheesy, Everett." I grin cheekily at him while staring down at him, his deep hazel eyes never failing to take my breath away. We stare at each other for a couple more tender, silent seconds. 

"Let me kiss you, Jones." Chase mutters as his eyes flicker down to my lips. 

"Didn't anybody teach you that you have to work for the things you want? It would be too easy if I just give into your demands." I sigh dramatically as I go to push up and away from him. However, his other hand comes up and starts attacking my side. A squeal escapes my lips as I writhe under his iron fingers, "Ah—stop—fuck you, Everett!"

I attempt to get loose but he holds me steady and I laugh loudly in pain and excitement as he tickles my side to no end. I should've fucking suffocated him with a pillow when I had the chance. I end up on the other side of the bed with him on top of me. He braces his forearm above my head while his other hand is sneaking it's way up under my sundress. 

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