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The curly haired boy walks back and forth on the ridged pavement.

Do I look okay?

He looks carefully, not stepping on any cracks.

Maybe I'm dressing up too much..

As he went back and forth, his light mint hoodie swinging with him.

I should look my best.

He straightens his button up white shirt and made sure his black rip jeans didn't hang loose to the rough floor.

Shit, why do I even care?

The redhead closes her blinds as she galloped down the wooden stair case.



"Uh- Diana's party.."

"That bitc- I mean beautiful girl's party?"

Anne chuckled and tied her shoe lace of her converse.

"Well, just be safe Anne? Ok?"

The nervous mother said as she picked off the lint on Anne's white shirt and flannel.

"Yes, Marilla."


Anne closes the door and glides down her steps and jumping off the last one.

"Uh- freckles... nice outfit.."
He gestured to her denim shorts with a couple daisies on them. He quickly looked away to hide his heated face.

Fuck, she looks so cute.

"I could say the same to you Dognapper you clean up nice."

She eyed him up and down.

"Are we going to go or you going to keep checking me out freckles?"
He says with a grin as he opens the door to his Jeep.

"Whatever.. you wish, also you should let me drive sometimes.."

He chuckled and went in the drivers seat.

"Like hell I'm letting you drive my car again."

"Ha, I bet your just jealous because I'm a better driver than you!"

"Pft yeah right, better my ass."

"Mm a jealous Dognapper.. very interesting in deed."

"Oh shush."

She bent over to the radio and started fiddling with it.

"There are no good songs on the radio anymore..."
The boy muttered as they stopped at a red light.

"Says you! If I find a good song you have to let me drive one time."

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