Chapter 14

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"You have to marry the devil?" Simeon asked from behind me.

"I swear you are a ninja..." I mumble rubbing my temples.

"Why do you keep saying strange phrases." He asked, though it was more of a statement.

"Um no reason." I mumble, continuing to walk down the hall. I stopped as I was about to head outside to see Simeon right behind me.

"Jeez!" I jumped.

"Stop sneaking up on me!" I mumbled.

"I've been behind you the whole time." He replied coolly.

"I'm sorry, I'm being a jerk right now." I frowned rubbing my temples.

"It's okay." He nodded setting his big palm on my head. I felt my face flush for a brief second. Then suddenly he cages me between him and the wall.

"I'm not an idiot. Why do you say strange phrases? Who exactly are you?" He frowned.

"I am Jody Bradley. Daughter or Marquess and Marchioness Bradley." I replied crossing my arms, though feeling a bit shaken, I didn't show it.

"I know that. What is with your strange phrases?" His frowned deepened. He squeezed my arm a bit tighter. His hand grew warmer which honestly felt good.

"Can we talk about this somewhere else?" I frowned avoiding his sight. He hesitated for a bit before giving me a hesitant nod. He grabbed my wrist gently and led me out the door.

While he was leading me, I contemplated what to say. Should I tell the truth? If I do what will he do? Will he leave me alone? That'd be good if he did. What if he got mad and hurt me though? He has a chilly aura, but he seems gentle.

Eventually we make it to a more secluded part near the trees. I sat down under the tree and he sat next to me.

"Talk." He commanded.

"I'm from a different world." I replied calmly.
I didn't dare look at him. We sat in silence. I clench the hem of my dress.

He let out a long shaky breath. I glanced up at him quickly. He had his head in his hands. His whole body was shaking.

"Are you ok-" I start to ask before he suddenly throws his head back, laughing. His face was red and he had tears in the brim of his emerald eyes. His whole face was lit up with laughter. I couldn't help but find myself entranced in his laughing face. He was handsome before, but seeing him smile like this was incredibly different.

"You really are interesting." He smiled giving me an amused side smile, while whipping his tears. I sat confused before laughing.

"Hah yeah..." I mumbled.

"So tell me about this world you come from..." He said returning to his usual demeanor but his eyes still smiling.

"It's a world in the future. Well to be more precise we are in a book." I nodded. What's the worse that could happen at this point? He doesn't believe me so it's fine.

"What kind of book?"

"It's a romance novel. Leonel is the male lead and Cordell is the second male lead." I continue.

"Okay so they are both male there a female lead?"

"Elisabeth English." I nod.

"Elisabeth? Isn't she just a child to a Baron, so why is she the female lead?" He tilted his head, interested.

"We call her a heroine, but yes. In the story she saves Leonel from drowning. He became fascinated and became her fiancé." I glanced at him and he was listening intently.

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