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WITH ALL THE boutiques in Holden Bay, it made it super difficult to choose dresses

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WITH ALL THE boutiques in Holden Bay, it made it super difficult to choose dresses. All of them were so damn cute and I was just so damn broke. 

As Penn and I both failed to find dresses for the gala, we were on the hunt once more. This time with an extra two; Hayley and Emily. As Chase was now going to the charity gala with Emily, there was an extra ticket. Chase was certainly not happy when I suggested I find a cute boy to give it to. 

Even though I was just joking, it was fucking hot to see how jealous he got. He wouldn't leave my side for the rest of the evening. 

We ended up giving the extra ticket to Hayley who was so happy to go. She was said it would kinda be like her first date with Levi. 

I pick up my grey shirt from the small, dusty pink stool in the changing cubicle just as the velvet curtain is suddenly drawn back. 

"Fuck!" I shout in fright as I turn around to see Emily grinning at me. I was dressed only in a pair of denim cut offs and a white bralette, staring at her like she was fucking crazy...which she might just be. "Hello?" 

"I was just wondering if you were done with that red dress." She questions as she tilts her head to the side. It was still odd to see her with blonde hair. I had been so use to the dark curls on her pale head. 

"Sure..." I trail off as i grab the hanger it was attached to and pass it to her. 

"I knew red wasn't your color." She explains like that was suppose to be a compliment or something, "Oh, you wouldn't happen to know what color Chase's tie is? I kinda wanted us to match." 

What? Was this some fucking high school prom or something?

"No, Em I don't." I smile forcefully at her as I throw my shirt over my head, "But are you sure red is your color? You might be a little too pale..." 

"Well, I'll try it on and see." She gives me what was probably a fake smile and returns to her own dressing room. I sigh out as I angrily tuck the front of my shirt into my shorts and slip on my converse. 

As I trudge out of the dressing room, Hayley was smirking at me from her relaxed position on the couch. 

"She wants to be matching, how adorable." She whispers sarcastically to me as I drop down beside her. 

"Shh." I say as we giggle quietly together. Hayley and I were literally the same person without even trying. She clicked so well with Vera and Penn to and we were slowly becoming a very close knit-group. Emily didn't like her at all, that much was clear when they met a few days ago at the house. 

But Hayley hates her too and she's fine with that. I know Hayley and Levi are plotting Emily's demise together. So cute. 

I run a hand through my blonde hair and shrug, "I might just wear my junior prom dress. Mom's probably stuffed it in a box somewhere." 

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