Chapter 20

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Kenz fell down onto his knees next to Everest.
His tears fell silent while Everest's sobs filled the hospital's halls.

The doctor on hand, looked at the young girl's lifeless body and a deep frown came to his lips.

He starred at the two men on the floor. He then looked all over and saw all the medical staff's eyes fill with tears.

It's been more than 2 minutes since the flatline and the men have been on the floor since.

"Please gentleman, if you can follow me," the doctor began, he wanted to explain the next step to them.

"NO, no, no no no" Everest chanted shaking his body and using his fists to bang on his head.

Beep... Beep...Beep

"No way"
« how is this possible »
« But she has been gone for too long »
« I don't understand"

Everest glanced up and saw his baby girl's beautiful chest rising slowly.

The doctor starred at the patient in disbelief.

"Doctor what do we do?" The nurses started to rush around the room and save the child's small heartbeat.

"Uh I- um get the-" the doctor stuttered still starring at the monitor thinking that his eyes tricked him.

After he regained his trail of thought " get her into operation, her bp is low, there may be a shard of glass blocking her vain"

Everest and Ken didn't have time to register what was happening before the staff pulled her out of the room.

"Doctor what is going on, » « please tell me is she okay please, » the two rushed behind them trying to wrap their minds around what is going on »

The nurse  stopped them « please gentlemen, stay here, she'll be fine, I'm not supposed to say that to you because they don't know for sure, but I have faith, rest now » she gave then a smile and saw Everest frantic eyes searching for answers. She then turned away and walked into the doors that said 'medical staff only'.

« Greyson » Everest said. Kenz's eyes widened in shock as realization hit him.

They both ran down to the reception.

« Hi We have Greyson he was rushed here by the paramedics, » Kenz blurted out.

« Yes, please stay in the waiting room while I call in a doctor, » the receptionist said.

Everest carried his drained body to the chairs and flopped down.

Kenz followed him and sat down on the chair next to his. He leaned down and placed his elbows on his knees and held his head between his palms.

A tear slipped down his cheek and another followed until he was sobbing. Everest caught one of his sobs and shot up.

He grabbed Kenz's shoulders and brought him in for a hug.

Kenz buried his head into Everest's shoulder and sobbed more.

"It's our fault, it's our fault, Greyson ever since he was a kid he didn't want to get in this shit and Mia my baby, she died the moment she came into our life,"

"Hey," Everest said his voice breaking. He pulled away and grabbed Kenz's face in his palms. "She is not dead she is alive,"

"How?" Kenz asked. Everest opened his mouth then closed it again. How?

They started at each other fighting to find the right words.

The same nurse not long after joined them in in the waiting room. The two men jumped up ready to ask about Mia but the nurse beat them to it. "She is okay, the doctors are doing some extra checkups," she laughed silently to herself as she grabbed each of their hands.

Everest opened his mouth to question the nurse about Mia but was interrupted.

"Who's here for Greyson?" A doctor said walking into the waiting room.

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