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"Can anyone tell me, what was all that about?" Lucy's father Russell asked "anyone" again said

"You are slow" Antalia replied "that jerk face is our supposed father who happen to reject our mother, his true mate to marry the evil bitch aka medusa aka your other daughter Zeena, framed my mother the evil, to live happily ever after." She Summed up the whole story' into three lines dripping of sarcasm and wit, not paying attention to her surroundings at all.

"Young lady" Russell said in his hard voice "mind your words"

"I will" Antalia replied meeting the stare of former alpha and her grandfather "when justice is served to our mother."

"Why didn't I ever know about your true mate Dante" asked the silent observer Ross Collin father of Dante and Emilio, "did you knew about it?" directed his attention to his mate, Eva. Who couldn't meet his eyes? "So I assume that you knew this all along and kept it from me, and let me guess that's what the measure drift came from Emilio's side and still I knew nothing about it." He said all this very calmly and if someone knew him, really knew him, they will know he is anything but, calm. "Dante" he called out to his youngest of two.

"I didn't plan to accept her anyway" Dante said to his father about his true feelings "so, I didn't think anyone knowing my business meant anything"

"That's my daughter you talking about" Russell interjected Dante

"The same daughter you abandoned" Dante counter attacked.

"On false accusations" Russell voiced boomed "manipulated by my own kin, my own daughter. I made a mistake, grave one onto that; I know that but, what I want to know is when you plan to reject her anyway, then why mate with her?" his question startled Dante a little but the uneasy feeling he soon masked.

"Moment of weakness" Dante simply answered

"Moment of weakness" Lucy who sounded disgusted now, flabbergasted to an extent too. "Your moment of weakness, took so much; so much from me, you know that. I was forced to grow up so quickly, I have to make all the decision myself without anyone's help, or by my side. My kids grew up without a father, the rumours, the bullying have you got any idea what they have gone through. Do you? The kids you want to take away from me, you know nothing about them, and do you know that your daughter is rejected by her true mate too? What? Huh, you will never know anything about them, you don't even deserve them"

"And whose fault is that, huh" Dante shouted "whose? You kept them away from me, their father; how can you explain this in front of royal court? No matter what happened between us you were bound to inform me about my kids."

"kids" Jed calmly interrupted the angry alpha dialect "as far as I'm concerned, our mother raised us better than you ever can, and in terms of having you as father I solemnly reject you from that position, you are nothing more that the sperm donor to us; Our mother along with her two best friends, alpha Rylan and his Luna done exceptionally good job raising us, who we are now? As you mentioned earlier your mating with your true mate was nothing but, 'moment of weakness' which clearly indicates that we: as your kids are nothing but result of 'moment of weakness' hence mistakes; not wanted. So, I suggest the sooner you drop the act of long lost grieving father would be better for all of us."

"You heard the boy" said none other than Dante's father, Ross.

"Dad, how can you tell me to? They are my pups, they share our blood, they are Collins, and he is my heir" Dante asked agitated to everyone, especially now at his father.

"Heir?" Lucy asked understanding his true intentions now "listen here, listen carefully Alpha Dante Collins, they are not your blood and definitely not your heir to your sick games. Don't take me as naïve as before Dante, you like to play with fire; let m tell you I'm worst kind." Lucy warned him ion clear words.

"Do you think I'm scared of your petty threats?" Dante asked equally fierce "they whether want to or not, will definitely will be mine. How are you gonna explain this in royal court that you hid the pups of alpha for twenty years, from their own father and clearly heir of my pack? Tell me how?" taunted Lucy to play his lead.

"Oh Dante" Lucy mocked him "I really do pity you. You thought I came here Unprepared then you have another thing coming at your way, Rylan why don't you explain further?" invited her friend and her alpha.

"Sure thing" Rylan gladly accepted the offer "Royal court, you said right. Then you should know that it will definitely involve European royal court too because as you see they are part of my pack, my family. Well any who; let me make the introductions, Alpha Rylan member of European royal court, and brother in law of current European Alpha King, before you drag this matter into court of royals let me save you from hassle and directly tell you, you will lose. Reason being, they happen to be age of consent; you can't just threaten them and take them away from their mother. Second, you happen to have a son with your chosen mate, you must have trained him for your heir right, third and most important of all you can't make someone alpha, who already have a pack." Rylan concluded his reasoning.

"Already has a pack" Ross Collins asked confused.

"Yes" Rylan simply agreed "oh well, let me introduce, future alpha of Rein Loop Pack, Jedrck Brighton."

"How could his be possible?" asked Russell "what about your own heir?"

"Oh" Rylan understand "rest assured I happen to have no kids of mine own, they always been ours. So, we never got any issue there. So you see, you can't take the alpha of biggest pack like that, right alpha Dante. He already accepted, he is been trained to be one, by great warriors; by warriors of royal court. So, I suggest alpha Dante to think wisely, because let me clear one thing; when war happen you will be the one losing. Chose your way wisely." Together with his mate he left the room.

"Think about what he said" Lucy advised "your heart is not in it for right intentions, you know it too. Don't make it the game of your ego. Face it Dante you never cared for them and you never will, it's your way to have upper hand on me. Think it through and if you wish to drag this issue then get ready to lose." With that Lucy with her kids left the room leaving them to ponder on their options.

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