2nd family

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(Guys on this story bts are brothers please bare with the author 😂)

Hi my name is y/n I'm 22 years old, and I live alone due to my mom's death at a car accident with my brother when they were going to pick me up from my dance classes, my brother also died living me alone. You may wonder what about my father well as soon as my mom told him she was pregnant of me he disappear. I just finished college before summer since I got a scholarship.

(by the way yeah is summer break on this story but not anymore since she already done with college)

I have a house that have 4 rooms. one for my brother 1 for my parents, one for me, and for guests who are staying over night, but not anymore since I don't have a family anymore.....

and this is the story of how I met my kiddos and the loves of my life


I was just about to get ready to go to the park since I had a lot of thoughts. I thought that if I go to the park it could distract me from my thoughts, Just as I was putting my shoes on I heard a knock on the door. when I opened up I see the mail man

Mail man: Is this.....Song Y/n?

Y/n: Yes...Why?

Mail man: sign here please

Y/n:"signs" thanks

He delivered a box

I didn't order anything and this box is Huge, when I tried to pick it up it was light

thank god it would be easier for me to pick up, I put it inside and grab a knife to open it, but when I was about to opened it something moved, I freak it out

Y/n : W-Who is i-in there?!?!

As soon as I talked I saw the box jumped a little I decided to get a spatula to protect myself of any danger (a/n you get it 😂) I opened and I see 8 creatures that were no more taller than my knees I saw this circle on the robot I pressed it and a robot changed his height. he now reached my shoulder

I see a alpaca, a cookie If I don't get it wrong, a alien with a heart shaped head, a bunny, a koala, a dog with its tongue sticking out, and a cute horse which had a mask on.

Y/n: awww you are all so cute what are your names?

"Ta- tata! Tataaaaaaa" the alíen said

"I-I chimmy" the dog said

"R.....j" the alpaca said

"Me cooky strong" the bunny said showing his arms

Y/n: wow you sure are strong!

"Thanks!" Cooky said

"Ko-Koya" the koala said on a sleepy voice

I grabbed koya before he fall back inside the box and they are all like babies, even the same Height of a baby!

"Shooky! No milk!" The cookie said

Y/n: no milk in this house sir!

Shooky looked proud

"Me mang!" The pony with mask said and started dancing

"we are BT21" They all said together

Y/n: Well bt21 I'm y/n I'm 22 years old and this is my house!

They all started running and looking around

I decided to make some rice and chicken since it looked like they've been there for a while.

30 minutes later

I was about to serve the food when I saw chimmy running around so I asked him

Y/n: chimmy do you know what Shooky drinks since he don't drink nothing wet?

Chimmy: he can drink anything but mil-milk but the- drinks no no on skin!

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