chapter 21

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Rehab's p.o.v

I was lying on bed and thinking about our last intimating moment and didn't know when sleep consumed me.
My slumber was broken by continuous yelling of someone.

I took my phone from side table which was indicating 11 at night.
I went towards washroom and freshed up.

After freshing up and changing in my sweat pants and T-shirt I went towards lounge from where
Yelling sounds were coming.

"Haider I am telling you keep your hand on side or else I will cut it off your body!!"

Tooba and haider were playing ludo and she was continuously shouting.

"Its my turn!! Stay away!!"

"No its mine!!"

They both were snatching dice cup from each others hands.

"Hey!! Guys what happened?"

I moved towards them and sat on sofa beside tooba..

"Yarr Rehab!! From where did you bring her?"

"From my home forcefully!!"

She said making faces.

"Why are you asking?"

I raised brow on Haider.

"Because I am doubtful on her being human! "

"Shut up!!"

Tooba said and I looked at her then at haider signalling him to continue.

"Man!! She is such a drama Queen. In one moment she says that she is mature now and on the very next moment she is like! I will take green one because I am a true Pakistani and besides green always wins!! I mean man are you for real?"

He said pulling his hair out. I laughed  and she rolled her eyes.

Suddenly I saw a shine in her eyes. She looked at me thinking than gave a nod to her thought.

"Hey Rehab!! You wanna play?"

She asked and I nodded.

What she did next was enough to boil haider's blood.

She jerked ludo board and it fell on table up side down with a thud. All ludo pieces scattered here and there..

Me and haider looked at her shocked who just passed us a toothy grin.

"I thought you are also going to play so why not start a new game."

"This is not the way yar!! Rehab yar she was losing and look what she did. Such a cheater wife you have!!"

He said rolling his eyes.

"Hogya? Enough? Done with your drama? Now let's start !"

She said rubbing her hands together.

I smiled while haider made weird faces.

After an hour later....

I was winning and sadly tooba was losing again.

I was about to throw dice on ludo when she again jerked ludo board and ludo pieces scattered here and there previously.

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