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Ok so real quick, I am writing the next chapter. I have not given up although it seems it. I am aware that when I started writing this fanfic I did not want Lloyd to have aged up magically, however I have now changed my mind as it allows me to add more depth to the story and more backstory for [y/n].... You will have to wait to understand what I mean in full.

For now, I'll just tell you:

- [y/n] was also aged up magically accidentally in  Mistaké's shop as a child.

- [y/n] parents are friends with  Mistaké and she was babysitting her one day and [y/n] was being a little sh*t , not listening to  Mistaké and was put in timeout.  Mistaké put [y/n] in the back when she was serving a certain old man and [y/n] got into the box of tomorrows tea and being the little sh*t she is, put a leaf in her mouth. Poof she aged up.

- [y/n] was aged up before Lloyd as she was 3 years old when she aged up to a 6-year-old. I like to think Lloyd was 11 when he aged up to a 13 year old. Because they both only aged 3 years it evened out. At this point in the story they are both 15.

- As [y/n] was only young when she aged up, Mistaké asked Neuro (master of mind) to insert false memories into [y/n]'s brain so she wouldn't know. [ like the trolls in frozen ]

Okay. Now I really need to go do my school work. This next chapter I'm working on is very very very long, and so it is taking me very very very long to do. However I will hopefully publish it by the end of this week. ( mind you it's Friday where I live. )

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